Puerto Vallarta Vacation Recap

We had our Mexico vacation planned for months. The week before we left is when the COVID-19 news started to ramp up, but when we left, all of the warnings were cautionary, not mandatory. We left for Mexico with plenty of hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes, but in the course of just a few days cities back home started closing.

Eventually, I unplugged. My phone really wasn’t working so rather than trying to fight it, I deleted most of my apps. It was strange trying to enjoy ourselves, laughing and drinking, while we were worried about family and friends back home. Overall, it was a great vacation, and a memorable one to say the least.

I only had my phone on me two days, which was actually a dream. The only time I regretted not having my phone was in Sayulita, a colorful little beach town north of Puerto Vallarta. Sayulita was absolutely gorgeous, had great shopping and eating. We just went for the afternoon but in the future, I would like to make a full day of it. Other than that, here are pretty much all of the photos I have from our trip:

I got some new suits for this trip and after trying L Space, it’s going to be hard to ever wear another brand. L Space fits exactly how I’ve always wanted a bathing suit to fit; they’re tight without digging, retain their shape, feel soft and smooth, and just look…good.


Before we went on our trip I got the most amazing spray tan from Glo Sincare Denver. Glo has the cutest little studio in the highlands and Emily is friendly, personable and makes you feel so comfortable. I highly recommend Glo pre vacation, special event or just because (lord knows I’ll probably want another when this quarantine is over).


This is me, on a boat, unknowingly getting burned, while drinking far too many margaritas. Regrets? None. We did the Luxury Sailing excursion with Vallarta Adventures and had the best time. Normally I’m not an activities person, but this was my kind of boat ride. We took a catamaran out for about 5 hours, got to snorkel near a private beach, had (delicious) unlimited drinks, as well as lunch and a snack.

On our final night in Mexico we ate at Le Kliff, an unreal restaurant about 30 minutes from downtown Puerto Vallarta. Eating at Le Kliff was an incredible experience and the food was phenomenal. There are so many great photo opportunities, the view is stunning and if you need, they also do weddings.

DrinkMarea Roja – Clase Azul Plata Tequila, hibiscus syrup, spices, coconut foam, vanilla essence. If I had to compare this to something, it tasted like a spicy, tequila-filled sangria, even though there wasn’t any wine. Absolutely delicious.

Seafood Tapas: (This is from memory, so I don’t remember details) left-right, Ceviche (cannot remember what kind of fish), fried scallop, seaweed wrapped shrimp and a spicy octopus taco. This was one of my favorite parts of our meal. Jacob hasn’t always been a fan of seafood but was excited to try, and enjoyed, each of these seafood morsels.

Entree: Mahi-Mahi with pistachio crust, smoked mashed potatoes, roasted asparagus, and passion fruit sauce. I never thought I’d be into a fruit sauce with mashed potatoes but somehow, I will forever fall asleep dreaming of that sauce.

Dessert: Chocolate volcano with raspberry puree and dark chocolate ice cream. Jacob’s favorite dessert is lava cake so I we were super excited this was on the menu. 10/10 best lava cake I’ve ever had, but I also had multiple glasses of wine at this point. 

This was one of the best meals I’ve ever had and given the level of service, experience and food, I would say it was very reasonably priced. We each had cocktails, had a bottle of wine, an appetizer, two entrees, a dessert and I had espresso for about $160. Obviously this will depend on the conversion rate but if you’re able, I highly recommend.


I’m very grateful for our trip, especially considering it was our last for the foreseeable future. Mexico, you are a gorgeous country, and I hope we can explore more in the future. For now – stay home, stay safe and wash yo damn hands.



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