Poshmark Tips & Favorite Purchases

I used Poshmark for awhile to sell clothes before I finally decided to try buying. I’ll admit, I was nervous. I knew I was a good seller but to be honest, I’m jaded and was nervous about buying from others. Finally, I jumped in and then ALL BETS WERE OFF.

I’ve learned a few things shopping, searching and scrolling, so I wanted to share some tips if you’re new to Poshmark:

  1. Know the Lingo: IUC (In Used Condition), NWT (New With Tags), NWOT (New Without Tags) are some of the main identifiers you’ll see in titles. You can use these in your search to help find what you’re looking for.
  2. Search NWT: One of my favorite ways to use Poshmark is to search NWT. You’d be amazed how many new products you can find that still have tags.
  3. Search Alternate Naming: Some sellers use a product’s exact name, others use descriptors. If you’re on the hunt for something specific, start by searching for it with the exact name and if that doesn’t turn anything up also search the brand with a description of the product.
  4. Check Ratings: It’s so, so important to read reviews and ratings. Some sellers are just clearing out their closet and others run businesses on Poshmark. It’s just important to know who you’re buying from.
  5. Ask for More Photos: I would not recommend buying anything that only has product photos from a website and not a picture of the seller’s exact item. If you ever want more photos, ask! A good seller should happily upload more.
  6. Like and Wait: Unless you really, really want something, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing immediately! Just give it a like and more often than not, sellers will send a discounted offer or free shipping after a day or so. This tactic also helps prevent impulse purchases, which you can’t return on Poshmark.
  7. Be Reasonable: Don’t outrageously low ball someone. It’s just rude. Sure, shoot them an offer, but don’t be surprised if they just deny your offer, rather than counter, if you send something ridiculous.
  8. Bundle and Save: Most sellers will offer a discount of 10% + if you buy more than one item. You can even bundle multiple items from one seller and send them an offer. It’s a great way to save even more if you like multiple items.
  9. Read Carefully: Sometimes sellers will post “similar” photos and clarify in the description that the item you are purchasing is a different color, cut, season, ect. Just read the description so you aren’t caught in a situation where you have to dispute a purchase.
  10. Follow your Favorite Bloggers: Bloggers and influencers are going through clothes like crazy. It’s their job! Often times you’ll find they’re selling brand new items with tags, or clothing worn just for one shoot. 
  11. Be Engaged: If you are also using Poshmark to sell, be engaged. Leave ratings, reviews, share items from closets similar to yours and follow like sellers back. 

Overall I’ve always had a great experience on Poshmark. I’ve only had one mix up where a seller accidentally sent me the wrong size, realized immediately and communicated with Poshmark about the mix up. If you ever read an item that is not as described, you can dispute the purchase, Poshmark will review the case and you can send the item back. 

Here are some of my favorite Poshmark finds, but I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t say, check Poshmark before you use one of my links below.


Bardot Versailles Lace Pencil Dress: This one is sold out, but these are some super similar styles…


ALLSAINTS Kita Leather Shoulder/Crossbody BagComes in Black, White, Blush and Grey…


Zella LeggingsI’d pay full price, but NWT for a discount is a hunt a live for:


Free People Ottoman Slouchy Sweater: I own this sweater in 4 colors but snagged this one on Poshmark NWT. Since this sweater sells out so quickly I highly recommend searching for it on Poshmark, especially in a color from a past season.


Blank NYC Suede Moto Jacket: I sold my camel jacket on Poshmark when I was looking to size down to a small and found this gorgeous green shade from last season, NWT. Once again, a great last-season find at a discount.


SELF-PORTRAIT Petal Monohrome Lace Mini Dress: I first saw this dress on Mallory Ervin a few years ago and could not stand it. I stalked this dress until it went on sale, but even then it was over $300. Then one night while browsing white dresses on Poshmark (as I did almost every night the year before the wedding), I found her. This dress was $125, worn once, and came the garment bag. While she was still very pricey, this is my favorite Poshmark purchase, if not my favorite FAVORITE purchase, ever.

I highly recommend searching Poshmark in exact instances like this – a pricey dress, that people probably only wear once, then sell.

I think that’s everything! If you want to shop my closet, you can do so here. And if you sign up for Poshmark use ‘NICOLEBOLT’ for $10 off your first order!


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