Makeup Collection 2020

I recently polled on Instagram if you all would be interested in seeing my updated makeup collection and got an overwhelming yes! Let’s take it back five years to my old makeup collection:dsc_0105-1600x2409.jpg

I LOVED this setup in my college apartment. We all know the getting ready to go out is better than actually going out and it was always so much fun getting ready at this vanity. What’s crazy is that ALL of these drawers, and the center drawer, were full of makeup and skincare. Today my makeup collection is not only smaller, it’s smarter. I’ve tried so much makeup at this point and now I know what I like, how I want it to perform and most importantly, what looks best on me. So, let’s jump into my current makeup collection:

Bolt_Blogs_Makeup_CollectionI bought  my organizer from TJ Maxx but would probably recommend buying one of of Amazon instead. You can do a lot better planning, organizing and measuring just ordering one online. Acrylic organizers are the way to go in my opinion because the more you see a product, the more likely you are to use it. If your makeup is hidden, you’re going to forget about it.

Amazon Acrylic Drawers:

Bottom Drawer: Base MakeupBolt_Blogs_Makeup_Collection1

Next Drawer: Face Powders & HighlightersBolt_Blogs_Makeup_Collection3

I used to have my makeup organized by creams and powders, but now I feel like it makes more sense to have it organized by product type. I also have had my makeup organized by most-least used, and I found that only perpetuated not using the products I already wasn’t grabbing. Keeping my products organized this way encourages me to see all of my bronzers, blushes, highlighters, at once, so I’m more likely to rotate through them.

Next Drawer: Bronzers & BlushesBolt_Blogs_Makeup_Collection2

Top Drawer: Lip & Eye ProductsBolt_Blogs_Makeup_Collection4

Honestly, I could probably get my lip products down to about 5, but I like to have a variety on the “off chance” I want to wear a bright red (it happens about 3x a year if we’re lucky). My go-to products are the Fenty Gloss and Charlotte Tilbury in Pillow Talk.

Eyeshadow PalettesBolt_Blogs_Makeup_Collection_Eyeshadow

I keep my eyeshadow palettes just propped up against my makeup chest on my shelf. As you probably know, the eyeshadow I reach for the most is the Beautycounter classic palette. If you want to see some swatches/review of my Beautycounter makeup, you can check that out here.


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