Your Love Language & Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

I love giving gifts. I love getting gifts. One of my love languages is Gifts. In case you’re unfamiliar, love languages are how you communicate and receive love. There are five love languages, here’s a breakdown:

  1. Words of Affirmation: Using words to build up your partner
  2. Acts of Service: Doing something for your partner that you know they would like
  3. Gifts: Gifts to show thought and consideration
  4. Quality Time: Giving your partner your undivided attention.
  5. Physical Touch: Pretty self explanatory

If you’re confused, here’s another way of thinking of it:


At the beginning of our relationship, I always got Jacob great gifts and while he liked them, I was confused why he didn’t seem as excited as I would have been. It took both of us awhile to realize that our love languages don’t align, so because we speak different love languages, we’ve had to adjust to make sure we express our appreciation for each other in a way that the other understands.

Jacob likes to receive love through quality time and physical touch. I like to receive love through gifts and acts of service. One is not better than or worse than the other, it’s just simply how you feel the most acknowledged, and whatever your love language is, that’s ok. Here are some gift ideas you can tailor to your partner, or any of the people you want to show appreciation for in your life.

Words of Affirmation: For Valentine’s Day, write a personal letter or card, or put together a scrapbook of your favorite memories together and write a note. DAILY: Leave Post-Its by the coffee pot or on the bathroom mirror. Just tell your partner, “I love you,” or “You look nice today.”

Acts of Service: For Valentine’s Day, pick up the house, grab a few groceries and pick up/make dinner. DAILY: Make the bed, put away the dishes or fold towels. Even just setting the table. Small acts can mean a lot. 

Gifts: For Valentine’s Day, (aside from my gift guide below) if you’re really stumped, check out your partner’s shoes. If there’s a pair that’s looking a little worse for wear, grab them a new pair. DAILY: Gifts don’t have to be expensive jewelry, they can be simple! Grab your partner’s favorite candy bar if you go into the gas station, browse the $1-$5 section at the front of Target or get them a funny greeting card from their favorite TV show.

Quality Time: For Valentine’s Day, plan a special activity for you to do like going a fun workout class, the batting cages or a concert. DAILY: Spend a few minutes every morning or night being fully present with each other. On the weekends, go for a nice walk.

Physical Touch: For Valentine’s Day, set up a cozy space on the couch or in your bedroom by washing the blankets, fluffing the pillows and lighting some candles. Pop in your partner’s favorite movie and cuddle up. Or Netflix and chill. DAILY: Start and end the day with a hug and kiss.

Now if you need some gifting inspiration, allow me to help: *cough husband cough*


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