Every Product Used for my Wedding Makeup

I was most worried about my under-eye concealer when it came to my wedding makeup. My biggest makeup struggle has been, and probably always will be, my under-eye concealer. My under-eye area always has 1 of 3 finishes:

  1. Splotchy with too much concealer
  2. Creasy, sad and dry
  3. Smooth, flawless, potentially airbrushed

Bless my lucky stars, my under-eyes opted for #3 the morning of my wedding. Below is the EXACT order I applied my makeup as well as every product and shade I used:





Day of I went with the Beauty Counter Palette and I couldn’t have been happier with how everything turned out. I had been wearing the palette all week and was so happy with the color payoff I decided to stick with it. If you had told me a year ago I was going to wear a clean eyeshadow on my wedding day, I would’ve laughed. I originally bought Charlotte Tilburg to wear the day of but wouldn’t have changed my eyeshadow for anything:




These are my final, final steps that I always do at the end in this order. I find that the setting spray followed by a final bit of setting powder and an extra hit of highlighter on the top of my cheekbones gives my skin a natural yet stay-in-place finish:

PHEW! I know that’s quite the list but that’s everything. Top tips for wedding day makeup if you’re doing it yourself:

  1. Get eyelash extensions: Not only will your lashes look great for rehearsal dinner and other festivities, you’ll also save time and have less stress the morning of your wedding. Taking lashes off your plate is such a huge win.
  2. Apply light layers: Start with light layers. You can always add a touch more concealer or powder as you go, and it will look so much more natural than caking it all on at the start.
  3. Go with what you know: Your wedding day should not be the first time you try out a new foundation. Either stick with your fave or make sure you test it out for weeks leading up to the big day.