Best & Worst Natural Deodorants

My natural deodorant journey has been a long one. It’s taken me about two years to find one that works. I had some relapses in those two years where I got defeated and went back to my trusty Degree, but I’m now fully committed to natural deodorant.

Why I Made the Switch

As I’ve started my Clean Beauty journey, deodorant has been top of mind but hard to commit to. I either stink or have gotten rashes. Luckily I don’t sweat a ton under my underarms so that hasn’t been a big concern. Most deodorants contain aluminum which block toxins from being released from your body. Many also contain parabens, which have been linked to an increased risk of cancer (generally you just want to avoid parabens in your skincare and haircare products).

What to Expect

The first few days after you switch from your normal deodorant to your natural one, you’re about to stink. Like, really stink. By day 4-5, your body is going to start balancing out. Initially, your body is just purging out a lot of the toxins that have been blocked by the aluminum in your deodorant. During this time, I recommend keeping these wipes on hand to freshen up (I actually have a package in 2 of my bags and in my bathroom) throughout the day.

If you develop a rash when switching to natural deodorant, it could be one of two things. Most likely, if the product has it, it’s probably a reaction to Baking Soda. Some people are sensitive to this. It could also potentially be a reaction to any essential oils the product may have.

I’ve tried my fair share of deodorants now, so here’s what is terrible and here’s what’s worked.

Trash Pile

Biossance Squalane + Bamboo Deodorant: BIG FAT NO. I didn’t think I could stink so badly but this proved me wrong. This deodorant did absolutely nothing to keep B.O. away. Would not recommend.

Native Deodorant: I wanted to love this deodorant so badly but unfortunately I found it to be way too waxy. I tried both the Coconut & Vanilla and Lavender & Rose scents and out of the two, preferred the Lavender & Rose. I don’t sweat that badly in my underarms but the little I did mixed with the thick consistency did NOT feel great under my arms. This one wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t the best.

Soapwalla Deodorant Cream: I know some people are turned off by the idea of having to spread a cream or paste deodorant on but honestly, it’s not bad at all. And most likely you’re doing this after you shower anyway. I loved this deodorant and it kept any odor at bay until day 3 when I broke out in the WORST rash I’ve every experienced. My underarms were red, raw and terribly inflamed. I didn’t wear anything for a little over a week before it all finally healed. The culprit: sodium bicarbonate aka baking soda. If you react fine to baking soda and aren’t opposed to a cream, I would definitely recommend this one.

This was when I switched back to my Degree, discouraged that I’d never find a natural deodorant I liked. I didn’t want to continue spending $10-20 at a time on products that just weren’t working.

What’s Worked

LAVANILA Vanilla + Earth: This smells really clean, almost has a cooling effect and I find that it works really well. If I need to reapply, I feel like it neutralizes any odor and doesn’t just cover it up. It has a very light consistency and doesn’t build up under your arms or leave white marks on your clothes.


Myro Big Dipper: This brand is super cool. You get to pick your case and each month you’re sent a refillable cartridge. My coworker gave me one of her leftover cartridges to try and I’m super excited that I have a case coming on it’s way from FabFitFun in my next box.

Deodorants I Still Want to Try

Ursa Major Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant: I’m a big fan of Ursa Major products, especially their toner. Aillea, one of my favorite stores in Denver, caries Ursa Major, and I pretty much trust everything that they say.

Kaia Naturals Takesumi Detox Deodorant: I really like the Kaia Naturals dry shampoo powder so I’m sure their deodorant is great as well. They have sweet, floral and fresh scents, so I appreciate the variety.

Kopari Beauty Coconut Beach Deodorant: I’ve had great experiences with Kopari products in the past and would love to give their deodorant a whirl soon.

Have you tried a natural deodorant you love? Tell me more! Also be sure to follow along on Instagram and LiketoKnowit for more fun!


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