Summer At-Home Full Body Workout

Recently I got a new pair of gym shoes and they have really changed the game for me. It’s like when you get a new pillow – you didn’t know just how badly you needed one until you’re sleeping through the night. I had a ton of people recommend the adidas Ultraboost and I’m so happy I went with them. They come up a little higher around the ankle with a soft knit material that’s super stretchy. The support around the foot keeps you feeling very stable and the cushioning is incredible. Best of all, they’re currently on sale:

I was super excited when adidas reached out and asked how I’ve been working to stay fit this summer. A few of you have asked on Instagram what my at-home routine is, so I thought I’d show you! You don’t need a fancy gym, all you need is a mat and a chair! Optional: Resistance band for some extra booty burn!

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Tips when working out:

  1. Quality is better than quantity: It’s much better to go through a set once or twice with great form rather than three times and start to slack.
  2. It’s not all or nothing: If you just have time for two groups, that’s great. Do the two. Don’t think that just because you can’t get through all four that it’s not “worth it.” Moving your body is always worth it.
  3. Every exercise is an ab exercise: SQUEEZE. THOSE. ABS! Same thing with the butt; always get a good contraction in when you’re standing up, doing a push up, really whenever you can. It’s a great way to work your whole body and maximize your workout.
  4. Get the right gear: Like I said, I didn’t realize just how much better even my squats could feel when I felt more stable in my stance. If you’re bigger chested, have the right bra. If you have circulation issues, wear the appropriate leggings. Do whatever it is that you need to do to set yourself up for success.
  5. Have fun: Blast music, watch TV, listen to a podcast. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself motivated. You got this.


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Resistance Bands (Pack of 3) | Yoga Mat | Water Bottle


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