Valentine’s Day & Birthday Wish List

Happy February! If you’ve been around for awhile, you’ll know that February is my favorite month: it’s my birthday, Valentine’s Day and our date-iversary. Jacob and I have been together for 6 years this month (whoa). I think I’ll still want a little celebration every February, even though our wedding anniversary will be in the fall come this year.

I was so excited at the beginning of the year to start getting some great content out but then BAM! we got a puppy! and everything else was pretty much set aside.

I normally do a Christmas wish list, but there wasn’t really anything I particularly had my eye on. However, with so many people Valentine’s Day shopping, I thought I’d share what’s on my list! I’ve found that by making wish lists, I actually end up shopping less. Put everything on there. Keep a running note on your phone or in a planner. Then, come back to it. You’ll probably end up crossing off most of the items, and then you’re just left with what you really want, not just impulse buys.

Other gifts that I haven’t included (because I already own them) and HIGHLY recommend: Sarah Happ Lip Slip, Slip Eye Mask or Pillow Case, or a cashmere beanie (Currently 40% off).

Now on to what I’ve been bookmarking:

Wildfox dog sweatshirt: I’ve been REALLY subtle about the fact that we got a dog on Instagram. So naturally, I feel like I need a sweatshirt to really solidify my dog-mom status. If you know a dog mom, she’ll love this.

Kate Spade Keychain Wallet: I’ve had my current keychain wallet for a little over two years now and she’s looking rough. Honestly, having my keys and debit card in one place simplifies my life so much. It’s also GREAT for college students who need an ID/key card on them at all times.

Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Eyeshadow in Lust: This Limited Edition palette is soooo pretty. I swatched it in stores and as always, the formula is beautiful. I have the Glambition palette, which I use almost  every single time I do my makeup. Highly recommend this formula.

Silk Headband: Inspired by one of my besties, I got a headband lately and have been wearing it a ton. I thought that this millennial pink silk headband would be a nice dressier version. It also comes in black.

Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool: I tried Jade rolling when it first became a THING and I just didn’t stick with it. My biggest issue was that I didn’t feel like I could clean the roller really well. Enter Gua Sha! Now I’m sure this tool has been around for forever, but I’ve been super into watching people use it in their routine and I’m really, really trying to make my skin a priority over the next few months. This would make a great gift for all skincare lovers!

Nylon Fanny Pack: I’ve been looking for a little nylon waist pack that I won’t be afraid to really get dirty in. Especially now going on walks with our pup, it’s nice to be hands free! I love the gold hardware, and it comes in 6 colors!

Candle Set: This is perhaps the most adult thing that I’ve ever put on a wish list! I have found myself on more than one occasion unable to properly cut a wick (this is how you keep you candles burning evenly and how to avoid that gross black soot on the jar). I think it’s time I upgrade to candle scissors. If you have a candle lover in your life, this would make a great gift!


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