Maybelline Made for All Lipsticks Review

I recently teamed up with Maybelline on Instagram to do a sponsored post for their newest Made for All lipsticks. I was so impressed, that I wanted to do a blog post just for fun (#notspon). Maybelline lipsticks have always been my favorite from the drug store. There is a huge range of colors and finishes and I really think they’ve set themselves apart from other drugstore brands in that way.

Maybelline Lipstick Swatches

These are 3 of the 7 shades from the collection. The collection has matte and satin finishes and was tested on over 50 skin tones. They wanted to create the perfect red, pink, mauve, ect. that would be flattering on EVERY skin tone. If you’ve ever tried to match a lipstick, let alone a drugstore lipstick, you’ll know what a task this is. You can read about some other experiences with the lipsticks on Elle as well.

I had a lot of success with these 3 shades, although I’m just one person. Based on what I’ve seen and read though, I think Maybelline really nailed it, so I wanted to share some swatches in hopes that it might give people a frame of reference when shopping!


Red for Me is a really comfortable matte shade. The undertones in this red really are perfect. There is just enough blue to help make your teeth look white, but also a little orange to keep the shade true to its red appearance. I think red is the trickiest shade to find – it will either be too cool, too pink or too yellow depending on your skin tone. This one really strikes the perfect balance.

Similar shades: Bite Beauty Gazpacho (but more matte), MAC Ruby Woo (but less drying)


Plum for Me is a beautiful, rich berry shade. I think the deeper your skin tone, the less pink this will look. For me, this is the type of shade I gravitate toward when I want a bold lip without going red. It’s a shade that really fits in with any look year round, which is why I like it so much. This satin formula is hydrating and actually stained my lips a little as I tried to take it off, which is a big win for all-day wear.


Spice for Me is not a shade I would typically go for, but I think it actually looks really pretty with this copper eye look. While I think the undertones on this color are flattering on my skin tone (not too orange or brown), it’s just not what I would typically reach for. I think that as your skin tone gets deeper though, this shade would only look prettier and prettier. Once again, the satin formula is extremely comfortable on the lips but at the same time, doesn’t bleed, so you don’t really have to worry about a lip liner.

I hope that these photos are helpful if you’re looking to get any shades from the collection. I’m thinking I might pick up the Mauve shade as well because I’d really like a nice neutral that isn’t too dark. Happy lipstick shopping!

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