Reader Picks: Best Work Pants

Want to know the real appeal of going into marketing/advertising? “Work attire” is a verrrry loose term. So when I was packing for my work trip that will be a slightly dressier than my normal attire I realized that I am almost 25 and don’t own pants that aren’t leggings or jeans. Even wearing jeans is a stretch for me. Leggings give you the utmost level of comfort, are slimming and provide excellent mobility.

If there’s an event that requires pants, consider my RSVP a hard “no.”

SNL I don't want pants.gif

If you do end up having to wear pants, you feel like this if the temperature is anything above 63°

Matt Bellasai Pants.gif

Then if there is the very rare occasion in which I do need to wear pants, this is what I look like the second I get home:

Goodbye Pants Boy Meets World.gif

When I was talking about my pant woes on Instagram, so many readers came to the rescue with their favorite work pant recommendations. Here are the crowd sourced top picks for great work pants:

Calvin Klein Suit Pants

My cousin said she loves these because, “They keep their shape after hours of wear and don’t bag out.” Because NOTHING is worse than starting your day wearing an 8 and ending it wearing a 10-12.

J. Crew

The J. Crew got two recommendations, one from my friend Andrea and the other came straight from my boss. My boss has incredible style and appreciates quality design, so you know they’ll be great.

Gap Curvy Skinny Ankle 

Emma called these a “godsend.” That’s all I really need to hear to be convinced.


Bailey said, “They always seem to be on sale and they STRETCH!!! And come in fun colors” She called out two styles in particular:

Julie – “Fits great on the curves”

Marissa – “Just a little thinner throughout.”

My friend Michelle is also on the taller side and said she only wears Loft pants. She said that the Julie is a great fit in the tall.


AshleyAnn said that these are “super comfortable,” and she too hates dress pants.

Lululemon On The Fly

LuluLemon on the fly.jpeg

AshleyAnn also mentioned these as a favorite. They look like a great option to dress up with a pair of sling-back heels or dress down with some loafers. Popping these on my Christmas wish list for sure!

Old Navy Rockstars

As for what pants I ended up purchasing, I went with the Old Navy Rockstars. While these may say, “jean,” they are not a denim material at all. I do think that the Sculpt version is worth the extra money–they hold their shape really well at keep you feeling tight.

The material on the sateen version looks a little dressier and the fabric is a little more forgiving.


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