10 Tips for Planning Your Wedding

So this is you:


But we need to make sure you don’t turn into this:


So let’s talk about what I’ve learned so far when wedding planning:

Deleted: I’m not wearing a veil, I think the concept of a garter is strange, Jacob isn’t wearing a boutonniere…the list goes on. Sure, some elements of tradition are nice, but a lot are also just a money pit. It’s 2018. Start your own traditions.


#ImTheBride: Want to get married in a tree house in the middle of the jungle? Tell guests to bring bug spray. Want to elope and send a post card with the news? Viva Las Vegas. Want to subject your guests to all 80s music at the reception? While I don’t recommend this, go for it. On this day, more so than any other day in your life, you get to do WHAT YOU WANT. Soak that up (within reason).


Check yourself: Before we were even engaged, Jacob and I looked into a big, traditional wedding. My parent’s asked me point blank: is this what you want? We quickly realized, no. And from there on out, everything was easy. We’re having a pretty small wedding as far as weddings go, and I’m truly thrilled. Take a step back and make sure you’re happy along the way.


Just say no: Going along with your reality check, say no. No, we don’t need extra apps. No, we don’t need to upgrade the linens. No, we don’t have to invite great-aunt Sally. Say no.


Get a body guard: Whether it be your mom, sibling or a friend, find someone who will help defend the choices you are making and reassure you of your decisions. Find someone who will be there to remind you that you’re on the right path and help talk to family and friends should you need their support.


Cha-Ching: Our priorities are food, alcohol and photos. Those three things are taking up the majority of our budget, and I’m totally ok with that. Figure out what’s most important to you and prioritize your budget accordingly.


Guac is extra: Depending on your budget, I would say to account for $500-$1,000 of “whoops” money. If you don’t use it, great! You saved money! Put it in your pocket or put it toward your honeymoon. If you did use it, at least it didn’t dip into your savings.


This is a case for the FBI: Do your research. It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of it all that you just jump on a purchase before thinking it through. I’ve been researching wedding dresses since I was 16. I knew what I wanted. I found my dress online for about 60% off. While I didn’t get some movie-magic moment in a bridal salon, I also saved a boat load of money, so I’m not upset. You’ll most likely save money buying things online, and also make sure you look into buying pre-loved items. No one will know that you bought used candle votives.


Calm down: You may feel the need to overhaul your diet, skincare routine and hair color all at once, but take a deep breath. Plot it all out on the calendar and take it month by month.


Drink up: You’re engaged. If there’s ever been a time to order champagne with every meal, now is that time. Have fun. Relax. Buy all the white tops and dresses you want. Yes you can have an obnoxious “Bride” zip up. Celebrate this time.


I’m planning on doing a post soon showing exactly how we budgeted for our wedding with some more tips and resources I found helpful. I hope that you found this useful, or at least got a chuckle. Happy wedding planning!

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