Red Carpet Manicure Swatches

After a few months of at home dip powder, I’ve developed a small collection of Red Carpet Manicure colors. I rave about this set on Instagram all the time and wanted to share some of my swatches, as well as some follow-up learnings from my last blog post about the starter kit.

I had my top coat and base coat for about 6 months before they started to thicken. The formula was still workable, but not as easy. Now, considering they are only $10 each, I think $20 every six months is a bargain compared to going to the salon. I’ve purchased most of my colors when they are BOGO 1/2 off at Ulta, making them 2 for $15.

I typically can stretch my at-home mani for 10-12 days. I find that I don’t make it to the 14 day mark without a little chip. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that you aren’t having your nails completely destroyed by the salon file. While it works, it damages the nail in the process so for me, I’m fine cutting my wear time a 2 days short.

If you’d like to see a video on how I remove my dip powder, you can check it out here.

Now, let’s get into the fun part: SWATCHES! If you have a favorite staple color and want to make the switch to dip, I also included some comparison shades that I’m familiar with that might help.

Plie Pink: Cool pastel pink

Red Carpet Manicure

As you’ve probably seen on Instagram, this is my all-time favorite nail color. Nothing makes me feel more put together than this color on my nails.

Comparison colors: OPI Mod About You, Essie Fiji

Sleek and Sexy: Dark Red

Red Carpet Manicure Sleek and Sexy

I don’t do red nails that often but when I do, I feel like I can take over the world. This color is a beautiful shade of red, without any strong blue or orange undertones. It’s a true brick red flattering for every skin tone.

Comparison colors: Essie Forever Yummy

Contract Please: Sheer pink nude

Red Carpet Manicure Contract Please

This beautiful sheer nude comes with the Red Carpet Manicure Starter Kit. Two coats will still be pretty sheer, but definitely enough color to know that it’s there. Three coats (shown in this photo) gives you an opaque, milky pink nude that is polished, professional and feminine.

Comparison color: OPI Mimosas for Mr. & Mrs.

No Drama Mama: Pink mauve

Red Carpet Manicure No Drama Mama

I am really digging this color for fall. This muted shade is a great play on a nude with a touch of color without screaming pink or purple. I know I’ll be wearing this color a ton during the fall and winter.

Comparison color: Essie Lady Like

Fiery Fox: Electric Coral

IMG_8116I hated this color at first, then it kind of grew on me. I’m not sure what drew me to this color, but I think I was on an Ulta high (you know the one) and things were flying into my bag without knowing it. If you like neon, this is for you. It’s definitely a spring and summer color and is quite electric. You’ve been warned.

Comparison color: I didn’t know you could make colors this bright so…

Mint to Be: Bright mint green

Red Carpet Manicure Mint to be

If you’re looking for the perfect light, pastel green for spring, this is it. It’s bright, fresh and not too blue.

Comparison colors: Essie Mint Candle Apple and Revlon Minted


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