Vegan Burrito Bowl Recipe

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I’ve been documenting some of my journey toward a plant-based diet on Instagram and I’ll admit, sometimes it’s hard. It’s much easier when you’re cooking at home. I’m trying to find plant-based alternatives for a lot of reasons, but there are still instances where I’ll eat a baked good, knowing it has eggs in it. I haven’t given up seafood. Whether you’re hoping to change your diet, try Meatless Monday, or reduce your environmental impact, finding small alternatives is a great start.

In this recipe, I don’t miss beef at all. Even my fiancé liked it. He said it just tasted like a “healthy” burrito bowl, but he didn’t know it wasn’t meat (high praise coming from a meat lover). This meal microwaves up really well without drying out or getting soggy, so I love whipping up a batch at the beginning of the week for a few lunches or dinners. This recipe is super easy to change to taste preferences.

Print out this recipe for your fridge, take it to the grocery store or Pin it for later:

Vegan Burrito Bowl Recipe

Note: Your first 3 ingredients could also be a great base for some hearty chilli…

…but once you add your other ingredients, you have a delicious burrito bowl!

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“But if you don’t eat meat, how do you get protein?”

This bad boy has about 1/2 the protein you need IN A DAY. Boom.


Guacamole: 1tb + 50 calories

Cheese: sprinkle + 20 calories (not even)

The guacamole really helps add a bit more substance to this as well. If you find that this recipe isn’t filling enough, try using half riced cauliflower, half regular rice. But if you’re eating this for lunch with some fruit, yogurt (see my fave dairy-free yogurt here) or another side, I typically find this to be enough.

If you’re a meal-prepper, need a big batch of dinner or are starting to look into plat-based meals, I hope you found this recipe helpful! Let me know what you would change to make it better too…I’m open to cooking suggestions, because I typically hate cooking!


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