Master Bedroom & Closet Tour 2018

Our bedroom is now my new favorite place in the world. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a bedroom and couldn’t be happier with how it came together. I have an idea for some artwork above the bed down the road, but for now, I love how it turned out.

Bolt Blogs Master Bedroom Tour.jpeg

Bed: I briefly touched on our bed in my last home decor dupes post, but let me tell you just how great it is. I really couldn’t be more impressed with the quality of this bed, especially at the price. There is enough room for storage underneath as well.

Mattress Protector: I spent a ton of money on a nice mattress protector online and when it came in the mail it was stiff and noisy. I got this one from Target and it feels really nice. Would recommend.

Blanket: Apparently millennials are killing the top sheet and blankets?! Which makes me wonder, are you sleeping without a protective cover from spirits and ghosts or are you just using a bedspread?!? Anyway, we use a blanket and I love this one from Target. It’s the perfect weight and feels like a hotel blanket.

Pillowcase: I used to wake up with serious face creases from my pillowcase so I switched over to a “silk” pillowcase. I’ll never go back. If you want more color options, you can try the Slip.

Metallic Gold Throw Pillow

Comforter: Our bedspread is actually quite old, but it’s held up beautifully. This has been my bedspread for probably 10 years. Pottery Barn has my favorite comforters because they hold up so well. You’re able to wash them on delicate at home if your washer is big enough and they come out like a dream. I ordered an all-white bedspread when we first moved in but ended up deciding that we needed a little bit of color.

Gold Metallic Pillow: This little pillow was the perfect finishing touch on the bed.

Mirrored Night Stand

Mirrored Night Stand: I am in love with these geometric mirrored nightstands. The gold is antiqued so it’s not too obnoxious and any wires can tuck away in the top little triangle of the back.

Lamp: This lamp base comes in a few neutral colors. Personally, I don’t think you need to splurge on lamp shades and these are only $7.

Coasters | Jewelry Dish | Ring Box

TV Stand Bedroom Tour Bolt Blogs.png

Our former coffee bar has become our TV stand and I love how it fits in with this room. We also got the iTvanila humidifier for the drier climate and I liked this one the best since I knew we wouldn’t have a place for it to sit on a piece of furniture. It’s really quiet and best of all…no beeping!

Floating Perfume Shelves.png

Floating shelvesMercury votives | (Sign: TJ Maxx)

Closet Tour.png

We are still using our dresser as a TV stand in the living room to house bulkier sweaters, Jacob’s pants and other random clothing items. But for the most part 90% of our clothes are all in one place. I went through 2 huge clothing purges before and after the move. I haven’t had all of my clothes in one place in SIX YEARS. During college and in our tiny apartment, I’d rotate between my summer/winter clothes, using my childhood bedroom in the ‘burbs as a second closet. Seeing all of my clothes in one place really forced me to not only eliminate clothes because of space, but it also helped me realize what I don’t need/wear.

Closet Tour Bolt Blogs.png

Felt hangers save so much space and really help your closet look organized. Around the house, I like to keep miscellaneous items contained in white storage bins so they look more organized. Utilize Command Hooks wherever you can around your house to save space. I have mine on the back of doors, the back wall of closets to hang hats and even along the side of our washer/dryer to hang the Swiffer. Use every inch of space, especially vertical space!

Print: Tender Loving Empire Print

Closet Organization Bolt Blogs.png

Storage drawers | Shoe shelves (stackable)| Laundry bin: (TJ Maxx)

That’s the complete bedroom tour! I hope you enjoyed and maybe got an idea or two for your own space. If you have any questions, let me know!


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