The Sweater You NEED This Season

When I was little, I used to hate that my mom would buy me the same shirt in every color-way, because I thought it was lame. Now here I am as an adult, buying myself the same sweater in three colors (and trying to resist buying a fourth).

The Free People Ottoman Sweater is a few years old now, but was new to me last year. I started off with the Mink after seeing Jillian Michaels wear the pink. After falling in love with the purple, I knew that the black would be a great addition because it goes with everything. I waited too long and had to hunt, stalk and scour online until there was a limited restock on Free People (and luckily it was on sale).

This season I saw it was back with a few new color-ways and immediately snagged the Cream. I did not want to wait like a did last season and risk it being sold out. Now, I’m trying to resist grabbing the Mulberry, because I’m a sick person with shopping issues.

Free People Ottoman Sweater Slouchy Mink.jpg

For reference, I’m 5’6″ so I wouldn’t quite feel comfortable wearing this sweater without tights or leggings but if you’re on the shorter side, it could totally work as a sweater dress. Side note: I have last year’s version of this tote, but this year’s version is currently on clearance.

One of the reasons I love this sweater so much is how versatile it is. It can easily be dressed up or down and is warm without being bulky. I can comfortably wear this sweater under my leather jacket without it being too tight in the arms. Date night, running errands and everything in-between, this sweater is a must have.

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

Most often, I wear this sweater with leggings and sneakers. I busted my faux-leather leggings out again this past weekend and couldn’t be happier to be reunited with my faves.

Free People Ottoman Sweater Slouchy Black

The newest color I bought is the cream and I’m so happy I did. This color isn’t a stark white but as you can see next to my bag, it also isn’t beige either. I think white in the winter looks so pretty and I know I’ll be wearing this a ton during the holiday season.

YSL Monogram Camera Bag

After wearing my last pair of beige booties into the ground (RIP) I found an even better replacement pair because they are WATERPROOF! While I don’t plan on putting them to the test by jumping in puddles, it’ll be nice to have a pair that I don’t have to worry about as much if it’s misting or lightly snowing. I would recommend sticking with your true size, or consider going up half a size (e.g. I’m normally a 9.5-10, but I went with a 10 in these). The heel is the perfect height and they’re super comfortable walking around in.



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