#WeddingWednesday: Modern Invitations

Today I am thrilled to kick off Wedding Wednesday here on the blog! Our wedding planning so far has consisted of watching Four Weddings on TLC while pointing at things and saying, “I don’t want that.” So while all of our wedding conversations are still in the very early stages, I wanted to get started on sending out engagement announcements! Yes, I would like to announce my engagement via paper as well as social media, because 1. I get to do all of this crap once in my life and 2. Grandparents love photos (S/O to you, Grandma).

This blog post is made in collaboration with Basic Invite. Basic Invite allows you to easily create custom paper goods for your wedding, as well as a beautiful wedding website! As I’ve started dipping my toe into the wedding world, I’ve quickly realized how overwhelming it all can be. I’m all for anything that makes my life more simple, and Basic Invite has definitely helped (ask me if I cried when I opened them…SPOILER: I DID!).

Bolt Blogs | Custom Wedding Invitations | Basic Invite

I used the Elegant Kraft Wedding Announcement preset as my base and customized it from there. There are a variety of styles to choose from, whether it be modern, boho, traditional or Art Deco (hello, Gatsby).

Bolt Blogs | Custom Engagement Announcements | Basic Invite.JPG

Envelope colors are never something that I would have really thought about, but I was happy to see that we could choose a color that perfectly matched the text on our announcements. It’s a very small touch, but really makes a huge impact on the overall presentation. When the time comes, Basic Invite also has an address collection service which is super convenient, because I for one do not keep an address book!

Bolt Blogs | Custom Wedding Announcements | Basic Invite.JPG

I wanted to stick to very neutral tones and love how they turned out. You have so many colors to choose from, as well as presets to help guide you as a starting point.

Bolt Blogs | Custom Engagement Ring Wedding | Basic Invite.JPG

Creating a photo collage on the back was super fun. I was a little nervous how the photos would turn out, since they were generally a bit darker with a lot of blue, but the final product is stunning and makes for a great keepsake from the front or back.

Stay tuned for more wedding business, as soon as I decide to actually start some planning. But in the meantime, I’ll just be over here gawking at our engagement pictures on paper. If you want to read my Engagement Ring Q&A, click HERE.


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