Glossier Lidstar Review & Swatches

I love Glossier for a few reasons:

  1. Yes, I am a Glossier rep. So, that I like. If you want 10% off your first order, you can shop through my page here. Just click the “SHOP WITH ME” button on the center of the page.
  2. I love how Glossier has marketed their brand overall, as well as their marketing campaigns for new launches.
  3. Their products are BOMB. However, that doesn’t mean that every product in their line has worked for me.

When Glossier teased their newest product on Beyoncé at the Grammy’s, I couldn’t contain myself (see above–mad respect for their marketing). Who does one even call to get Beyoncé to wear your makeup to announce a launch of a new product?


I was on a no-buy at the time, which I was willing to break, but thankfully Glossier kindly sent four of the shades at the launch. The one color I really wanted was Cub, but it was constantly sold out. I finally snagged it up, so now I am ready to give you my full thoughts on the product:

Glossier Lidstar Review

Top to bottom: Moon, Slip, Cub, Fawn, Herb

The only shade I am missing is Lily, a sheer lilac color. I hardly wear purple on my lids, so I’m not too upset about missing this one. I could always mix Moon and Fawn if I wanted something lighter.

Price: 1 for $18, 2 for $30

Packaging: The packaging is chic and simple, as is the Glossier way. I like the doe-foot applicator but am worried about getting every last bit out of the tube when it starts to dry out.

Glossier Lidstar Swathces Review

These swatches are just from one dip of product. I do have a layer of foundation on my skin to help show the colors. They are a little more sheer without a base.

Glossier Lidstar Swatches Review

Here the shades have been blended out with my finger.

Staying power: I have not worn Moon or Slip on their own. Because they are so sheer, I wear them as a base. Fawn has not consistently creased, but it has faded a little without a powder layered on top. Cub however does not crease or fade on me. I don’t know if this is a fluke between colors or if there is an actual difference in the formula.

I find myself wearing Fawn and Cub most often. I’ve also mixed Herb and Fawn, which is really fun. I love how Glossier encourages their fans to mix Cloud Paints, highlighters and eyeshadows to create something totally your own.

Pro tip: Cub layered with L’Oreal Amber Rush is out of this world!

Final Thoughts

I don’t think that all of these colors are worth it. You FOR SURE need Cub, Fawn and maybe Herb, but can live without the others. If you have Moon and don’t love it on your lids, I have used it as a highlight a few times and it’s beautiful.

Glossier Lidstar Moon Swatches

I do receive a small commission off of my Glossier page so if you’re a regular Glossier shopper, I so appreciate your support if you use my page. Plus as an added bonus, you can see my awkward intro video from one year ago.


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