How to Pack a Carry On Like a Pro

I’ve been going to visit my sister for years in Denver and every time, I overpack. I wanted to challenge myself this time around to one-carry on bag, and I’m proud to say that my mini suitcase and 1 Longchamp tote did the trick (although if you saw my Insta Story, you’ll also know I delivered a medium Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizza).

Here are my top 5 tips for packing light:

  1. 50 Shades of Grey: When you’re going on a trip, pick a color scheme. Obviously for this trip, I went with black, white, grey and also have two pink tees. Try sticking to three colors. Jewelry can also change an outfit in a snap. One black dress can instantly transform into a new outfit with a necklace swap.
  2. Dress it up: I don’t mean get fancy, though. Dresses save room because it’s a whole outfit, minus the pants. And as Matt Bellassai has taught us, pants are the worst. I like packing t-shirt and shift dresses for an easy look you can wear during the day or out to dinner.
  3. Wear your bulk: I thought this was a pretty self explanatory, but I’m still shocked at the number of people in airports wearing shorts and flip flops. Also, planes are cold. Save room in your suitcase by wearing your gym shoes, sweaters, jeans or jackets on the plane.
  4. Get it when you get there: While this isn’t always ideal, keep in mind that it’s certainly an option. If you’re using a carry on, you’ll have to get a razor when you get to your destination anyway. It’s also a great time to pick up Suave shampoo/conditioner while you’re at the drugstore. A travel size of Pantene can run you a few bucks, and you’ll probably run out halfway through the week. Spend $1 on the less expensive stuff that’ll last you and your travel buddies the whole trip.
  5. Be realistic: This is the hardest one for me. I always think, “oh maybe we’ll go out and I’ll need this outfit,” but in the end I can make do with what I have. Plus, if you tell me you don’t rewear outfits on vacation, you’re lying.

Toiletries are the hardest part. Just one quart-size bag. Now’s the time when your 100 perks from Sephora come in handy. You’re on vacation – spend less time getting ready and more time having fun. Go light on the base, add lots of mascara and a bright gloss. Go for multi-purpose products like a cream stick.

I honestly can’t believe I did it. I also have three powders, but luckily those can be separate from the small constraints of the little plastic bag. I hope everyone’s July is off to a great start!





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