National Coffee Day: Pumpkin Spice Part II

Another wonderful Thursday! It’s National Coffee Day, there is a new Grey’s tonight and it’s my oldest niece’s birthday. Last year for this very special holiday I compared two pumpkin spice coffee creamers, which you can read about HERE. This year, I grabbed the winner of that comparison, along with a pumpkin spice coffee and even…greek yogurt.


This coffee is great, although not strong enough for me. I don’t understand why all flavored coffees are light roast. I like to mix a scoop of dark roast in with this because I’m high maintenance. Other than that, it’s delicious. Totally would recommend and isn’t fake tasting at all. I add just a touch of the creamer, which you can read about here.

Now the yogurt. I had very low expectations for this yogurt and I’ve seen a few brands come out with one this year. This one tastes exactly like pumpkin pie. I almost added whip cream to the top. It isn’t as thick as Chobani, although I’ve never had Oikos before so I’m not sure if that’s standard. If you have a pumpkin pie craving but don’t want to buy a whole pie (or your roommate refuses to make you one…long story), then this is your solution.


In honor of the holiday, here is one of my favorite mugs! Fun fact: I collect mugs. Shop this mug and other cute one’s from Alisha’s etsy HERE.



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