Bakeoff Battle: Drugstore Loose Powders for Baking

Bake it ’til ya make it! You might be sick of hearing about baking by now but this post is helpful to my pasty gal pals out there! The first loose powder I tried baking with was the CoverGirl Professional Loose Powder. Like many first loves, you think it’s the one, but once you experience something better you realize you were sadly mistaken. Spoiler alert – the Coty is better, but here’s why…


CoverGirl Professional Loose Powder – Translucent Fair: I thoroughly disagree with the claim that this is translucent. Since it does give off color, I’d hope that it is at least fair, but instead it has a grey undertone to it that makes your eyes look the opposite of highlighted. I noticed this especially over the top of my Maybelline Instant Age Rewind. Maybe the two just weren’t a good mix, but that’s also my favorite concealer at the moment and I’m not about to give that up.

Coty Airspun – Naturally Neutral: This powder is so finely milled and really makes pores disappear. You can even see in the photo how the powder sprinkled out that the Coty has a much lighter texture. I still don’t know if I’m sold on baking under the eyes (I have very dry skin in this area), but when I have my eyeliner wouldn’t even dare to budge. I really like this for sharpening my contour and baking where I get smile lines and frown lines (I’m very expressive).

Both have a very old school makeup scent, so be warned. Naturally Neutral was the only shade left at my Walmart but I’m very intrigued to possibly try more. If you’ve tried any of the other shades, please let me know! xoxo


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