Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick Review

Happy Tuesday! Today I’m bringing you an exceptionally exciting post about the new Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche lipsticks! Back in October I did a post on my Top 5 Favorite High-End Products and Bite lipsticks made the cut. These new lipsticks are no exception – creamy, super opaque, and have a sweet citrus flavor. Plus they’re full of oils and other great natural ingredients to nourish your lips!

#TheAmuseBouche Influenster & Bite Beauty | Bolt Blogs

I was kindly sent these by Influenster but can promise you if I didn’t think they were all that, I’d let you know. The only downside to these is that they’re $26. However, the ingredients and quality don’t make the price a waste. I have Gingersnap (peach) on my Loves list at Sephora and could also see myself purchasing Spritzer (violet) and Sangria (fuchsia).

Let’s swatch!

Pepper – Dusty rose/Mauve

Bite Amuse Bouche Pepper | Bolt Blogs

Gazpacho – True Blue-Toned Red

Bite Amuse Bouche Gazpacho | Bolt Blogs

The boyfriend was proud of that artsy mirror shot. Big thanks for being my photographer.

Beetroot – Bright Raspberry

Bite Amuse Bouche Beetroot | Bolt Blogs

After these photos and I left Gazpacho on and ate breakfast. This lipstick faired through pancakes with syrup pretty well. I was impressed. It didn’t look perfect and had faded a little toward the center of my mouth but still looked pretty darn good. It didn’t necessarily need a touch-up but I did one anyway to see how they layered. Sometimes with really pigmented lipsticks you can’t layer them after one has set because it’ll go on patchy or cling to your lips and look weird. This does not and went over beautifully.

There are 34 shades, let me know which color you’d try!


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