Updated Skincare Routine 2016

TGIF! Today I’m coming to you with an updated skincare routine! On Wednesday, I talked about how I’ve been shaving since July because it’s become a huge part of my skincare routine and knew it needed it’s own post to explain everything. Thank you for all of the positive feedback I got on here and Instagram on the photo! I have some great new things in my routine, as well as some staples from my 2014 skincare routine and last year’s 2015 skincare routine. Let’s jump in!

Bolt Blogs Skincare Routine 2016


Cleansing Routine | Bolt Blogs

If I’m doing a full face of makeup in the morning, I’ll wash my face but otherwise, I’ll just go into toner and my normal routine. In the morning I use the Olay face wash. I love the lather and it doesn’t leave my skin too dry. At night, I use the Kaplan MD Hydrating Milk Cleanser. In my last post I talked about another cleansing lotion, which I thought was nice, but the Kaplan MD really breaks up the makeup quickly. I’ll then cleanse or exfoliate, depending on what my skin needs. I completely credit the Boots Purifying Exfoliator for clearing up my problem skin. When I feel like a deep clean, I go in with the apricot scrub.


Morning Routine | Bolt Blogs

Products are in the order that I apply them!

You’ll see three staples in my morning and night routine that are consistent – the toner, serum, and spot treatment. In-between my last two skincare updates, I had a Caudalie serum I hated. I can’t find it online, so hopefully it’s been discontinued. I love The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Moisture Serum, it’s probably my favorite skincare item.

Bliss Exglossion Lotion

I just started using the Bliss ex-‘glow’-sion face lotion and it’s perfect for the morning. The consistency, stick with me here, is like a thicker version of Yoplait Whips yogurt! There is a slight citrus scent and it’s very refreshing in the morning. It sits under makeup beautifully. I got the Origins eye cream as a sample and I’ll probably buy the full size when the time comes. It’s very super illuminating and very hydrating.


Night Routine | Bolt Blogs

Products are in the order that I apply them!

I am in love with my night time routine right now. The Body Shop Vitamin E eye cream is another repeat from my last routine. The Tarte Maracuja Oil is also new. I was sad when I ran out of the sample of the Fresh Seaberry Face Oil, but have been liking the Tarte oil as well. Since I started using a night cream, I think I finally found one that I can tell is actually doing something for my face! The Boots Lift & Luminate Night Cream feels so soft and luxurious. When I use this, my skin feels so moisturized and plump. I can tell I will repurchase this.


Face Masks | Bolt Blogs

Lots of masks for lots of reasons! I like to use 1-2 masks a week, depending on what my skin needs.

  • Peter Thomas Roth FIRMx Peeling Gel: This stuff is wild! It’s a resurfacing mask that rubs off your dead skin and it is so oddly satisfying. Because you only need to do this
  • Montagne Jeunesse Fruit Mask: I’ve decided this is probably my favorite “suck out your pores” mask. I can’t find the fruit one online, but it’s always in the checkout tower of doom at Ulta. These are only $1/2 and really clear out your skin.
  • Origins Out of Trouble: Be warned, this mask smells like menthol if you aren’t a fan of that scent. This mask is nice to just balance out your skin when it is “blah.”
  • Origins Clear Improvement: This charcoal mask is nice, but I’m not sure it’s worth the price. I’m glad I got this in a sample pack. Out of the three, I like the Drink Up the best.
  • Origins Drink Up: This mask has been saving me while I’ve been sick lately! It smells delicious and really locks in moisture overnight, but I don’t wake up oily.
  • Nip+Fab Soften Kale Fix: You can read all about this mask here

Lip Care:

Kaplan MD | Bolt Blogs

I think a part of the face people neglect are lips! To prep for lipstick, I use the eos balm and throughout the day I love the Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm. If I’ve been wearing a matte lip all day and need to rehydrate them at night, I go in with this Kaplan MD duo. Let me say, I was extremely skeptical of a lip mask at first but as you can see, I’ve made a hefty dent in this mask. It plumps your lips up and tingles a little, but really works. The lip balm smells a little “medical” but doesn’t taste bad at all. It’s a thin consistency and I like that it soaks up quickly.

Well, that was a lot of product! Hopefully this helped, please let me know if you have any questions! Happy Friday! xoxo


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