Metallics and Glitters and Gold, oh my!

Happy February and Mani Monday!

Sally Hansen Golden Nail Polish | Bolt Blogs

When I was shopping at Target, I saw this gorgeous Sally Hansen nail polish and was hoping it would be a dupe for Essie’s Penny Talk. I absolutely love the rose gold tone and metallic finish on Penny Talk, but the formula is a nightmare. It is so thick and difficult to work with that I can never bring myself to put it on. Unfortunately, my spidey senses were off and these aren’t exact dupes.

Gold and Rose Gold Nail Polish

Sally Hansen’s Golden is more of a glitter and Penny Talk is a true metallic finish.


The one thing the both have in common is that when they chip, you really can’t tell. Great if you need to stretch things out beyond a week!


Left: Golden | Right: Penny Talk

Please let me know – has anyone else had a bad experience with Penny Talk? I really would love a true rose gold polish, suggestions? xoxo

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