Christmas, the ROSEBOWL, Hollywood & more…

Hello everyone! So sorry it’s been almost a month since I’ve posted. I had a few blog posts planned for the end of the year but I’ve been relaxing at home and I’m already on my second trip of the year, so I’ve been a bit busy. In case you care, let me get you caught up…


I wrapped up my first semester of senior year. Above is a lovely photo from one of my roommates. No shame…the lighting in that kitchen is amazing.


That’s Meg^2 in case you haven’t heard me talk about them before. And Herky.


After celebrating Christmas at my boyfriend’s house (we never seem to get a nice picture together), I headed home for the holiday. Aside from being with family, my favorite part of Christmas is the tree. My mom and I both have a love affair with Starbucks, so obviously there’s a place for the fair green lady on our tree.


On the left, my masterpiece and on the right, my dad’s 🙂


My favorite gift this year? A super cozy blanket from Potterybarn. My pajamas are from Target.


After Christmas, I headed back to Iowa City to leave for the Rose Bowl! I’m sure you heard what a tough loss it was, but it was definitely an incredible experience. My friend Alex and I were joking at the beginning of the year that we would probably go this year, and when we found out it was so surreal. My friend Sarah and I called each other and cried. Crying for me is pretty normal though so I guess it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise that I cried. My freshman year Iowa didn’t even make it to a bowl game, so to go to the B1G Championship this year AND the Rosebowl was so exciting, despite the outcome of the game(s). This has been the best senior year I could ask for so far, and ending with a 12-0 record is just a bonus.


These people are crazy and I love them.


We had a lot of free time on the trip and we headed on over to Hollywood. Glad I went but definitely don’t need to go back. One time thing for sure. This is me geeking out in front of Jimmy Kimmel.

I had a quick turnaround from LA and now I’m in Denver. My  oldest niece is sitting on my lap as I type this while our nails are drying. My sister just painted her nails and I just painted mine. I’ll have regular blog posts up starting next week. xoxo Nicole


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