I’m on Buzzfeed? Halloween Pictures & More

November?! I’m sure retailers all across the country are busy clearing out Halloween and putting up Christmas decorations. Crazy. Today, I’m relaxing in my bed, enjoying a day free from homework! Thought I would share my Halloween weekend since it was filled with makeup and a lot of fun!

Halloween Mellies

Things started off on Friday at band! We dressed up as a section and were bananas and our section leader was a gorilla. Real bananas included.

Dead Couples Costume | Bolt Blogs

That night, my boyfriend and I decided we would rather be dead than date each other…so we went as corpses. He was a little nervous for me to do his makeup but at the end of the night said, “I don’t even feel it. I could go to sleep like this!” See? Makeup doesn’t always feel heavy. I mixed white costume face paint with a little moisturizer so it wasn’t completely opaque for the base and then went in with a grey/purple eyeshadow for all of the shadowing. I set everything with my elf HD powder (worked really well) and went with black lipstick because I really wanted a reason to buy one.

Halloween Makeup

As Jaclyn would say, “Blend until your arm is sore.” I blended my little heart out just for her.

Halloween Dead Makeup | Bolt Blogs

Just checking out the pumpkins…

University of Iowa Football | Bolt Blogs

Halloween football game! Hawks are 8-0! We had a really fun half-time Halloween show, complete with Thriller and the dance! You can watch the video here.

Meg Bolt Blogs

Meg as Audrey Bolt Blogs

That night, one of my roommates let me do her hair and eye makeup for her costume. She obviously looked INCREDIBLE and her costume was spot on.

Matt Bellassai Halloween Costume

Fun facts: I love wine, sarcasm, and Buzzfeed. The beautiful human that is Matt Bellassai is all of this wrapped into one, so natural I had to be him for Halloween.

But then…PLOT TWIST! I made it into a Buzzfeed article. Day made.

Matt Bellassai Buzzfeed | Bolt Blogs

You can see other people’s great costumes here. Hope everyone had a fun Halloween. Got to go turn on some Christmas music now…


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    Love Whine About It!! Great costume!

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