What I learned on my SECOND no-buy…

100 Days Part II is over! This time, things were much more fun because I had a partner, Brooke, a beautiful bee from the blog inaworldofbees! It was so great having a support system because we would go back and forth tweeting about all of the temptations. If I’m not mistaken, she also held off on buying clothes. This wouldn’t be hard for me, but Brooke blogs about a lot of fashion to so I can’t imagine how hard that was!

I went on this no-buy really for a lot of the same reasons as last time (you can read about that here). I’ll admit, this time I had a few “cheats.” My parents were so kind and let me use Champagne Pop early (originally I wasn’t going to get it until Christmas but I know it would’ve been worth the wait) and after watching my jealousy over my Mom’s Benefit Majorette, I was given that as a gift.


Image: Bex Beauty

In addition, I placed a little Sephora order on day 97……whoops. It was the Hourglass Holiday Palette. Here was my justification: I was afraid once it went to Beauty Insiders at Sephora, it would be cleared out and I didn’t know what day that was happening. I figured 97, 100…at that point, I just went for it. Phew, got that off my chest.


Image: Temptalia

Here’s what I learned:

  1. I still have too much makeup. It’s the truth but here’s another truth – I love makeup so much it’s ridiculous. I did a little DIY project with some string lights and when I was done, beat my face with some massive amounts of makeup at 10 pm for no reason (my roommate thought I was insane). I have fun doing makeup.
  2. It’s not hard if you tell yourself no. I say no to a lot, but need to include myself more often.
  3. I can manage with a little. When I went home for a month this summer, I took “a little” makeup, and then took even less on vacation – and it was wonderful. I found old favorites and remembered how quick my makeup can be with fewer options!

There you go! I have no doubt I’ll do another in the future, so here’s ’til next time! xoxo



  1. September 14, 2015 / 8:52 pm

    I was so happy to do this with you Nicole!!!! It was hard at sometimes but I am so happy I did it with you! Now lets figure something else to do together!!!


    • September 15, 2015 / 12:22 am

      Yes and yes! Thank you so much for joining 🙂

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