Top 10: Favorite elf Products

Hello! And so, elf week continues! On Tuesday I talked all about my favorite elf brushes. This post is not going to be as detailed as I would probably like, but I promise that all of these products are amazing! elf has come out with a lot of new releases since I’ve been on my no-buy that I’m really itching to try and I have it narrowed down to the matte eyeshadow palette and the contour palette! So, let’s get into my favorite elf products:

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Mist & Set: I use this to freshen, prime, or when I look cakey. I don’t use it to set but like it for other purposes.

Hydrating Under Eye Primer: I love this stuff and have an in depth review here.

Lip Exfoliator: Super great exfoliator, really hydrating, and a fraction of the cost of high-end exfoliates. Plus, I think this packaging is really convenient.

Smudge Pots: These are phenomenal cream shadows. Highly recommend!

Blush Palette: I cannot rave about the quality of these powders enough. If you’re just getting into blush, this is so fun to experiment for so cheap or if you’re a blush junkie like me you’ll love this too.

Baked Highlighter: A great highlighter with a small price tag. I think you need to build it up a little but overall, really pretty.

Matte Lip Color: I really love the shade Tea Rose and want to try out more of these colors (review here)

Eye Brightener: I think this product might be retired but if they every bring it back on clearance, snatch it up because it’s my favorite for under-eye setting (and let me know so I can stock up too!).

Eyebrow Kit: This is probably my used used eyebrow product. I love the powder and tinted wax and both shades are awesome for me (review here)

Glitter Primer: Does the job super well for pigments.

What is your favorite elf product?




  1. August 20, 2015 / 10:33 am

    I love so many elf products; but one that I would definitely recommend are the smudge pots!

    • August 20, 2015 / 11:58 am

      Highly recommend! Thanks, Arwa

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