Top 10: Favorite elf Brushes

Welcome to elf week! Today I am sharing my Top 10 Favorite elf Brushes and later this week, my Top 10 Favorite elf Products. elf has some crazy affordable brushes. Even better, a lot of these are 40% off today! Like all things though, they have their pros and cons.

  • Pro: very inexpensive
  • Con: Occasionally I’ve experienced shedding/brushes coming apart when the glue loosens up (yes I’m careful about how I dry my brushes).

Overall, I’ve collected a lot over the years and want to share my favorites. I’m going to keep the description short and sweet, so here we go:

elf cosmetics brushes | bolt blogs

Studio Small Stipple: I have two of these and they are awesome for cream products

Studio Eyeshadow “C”: Very classic shape for eyeshadow and really gets the job done

Studio Small Smudge: This tiny brush is great for highlighting the inner corner, underneath the brow bone, or even for lipstick.

Studio Small Tapered: This is my new favorite brush for under eye setting. It’s really the best I’ve used.

Studio Fan: I really like this fan brush for sweeping away fallout more than I do for applying anything. It’s a really handy one to have.

Studio Contouring: Carve out those cheekbones! This gives you some major definition without the expensive price tag.

Studio Angled Blush: I love this brush for a softer contour, not as much for blush.

Studio Mineral Powder: This is my daily powder foundation brush and I love it.

Studio Contour: I really like this brush for deepening the outer V with eyeshadow.

Studio Flawless Concealer: This brush is my favorite for blending in concealer because it is super dense and soft.



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