Beauty Addicts Glimmer Sheers Highlighter

Holy Highlight! It’s Wednesday so it’s only fitting I talk about something pink! I was kindly sent this highlighter to try out, and since I love a good glow, I had to give it a go! (yes I hate myself for that rhyme too)

This highlighter is $30 and has two sides. The Beauty Addicts website describes one side as your sheen andthe other as a moisturizing balm for glow.

Beauty Addicts Glimmer Sheer Highlighter | Bolt Blogs

The highlighter side is great. It does lean very pink but comes in 4 shades, so I’d imagine everyone could find one that suits them best. I like to tap it on with my fingers and blend it out with a beauty blender to really mesh it into my skin.

I actually found the most use out of the balm side for my under eyes. When I have makeup on all day, I find that my under eyes look icky come 4 o’clock or so. To freshen up, I would dab a little of the balm where my makeup had settled and then lightly dust over with a loose powder. This was perfect to refresh my look and take away the cakey look.

Beauty Addicts Glimmer Sheer Highlighter, Benefit High Beam | Bolt Blogs

I compared this to High Beam and as you can see, High Beam is a bit more pearl than pink.

Overall, I really like this highlighter, although I could see where some people might not get a lot of use out of the balm side, especially if you’re oily. However, it is an interesting product and I think you could find a number of different ways to use it!

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