KB Shimmer Nail Polish Review

Happy #ManiMonday! Recently I received this KB Shimmer Nail Polish set to try and I want to chat about it! I’ve been wanting a white polish recently so this came at the perfect time!

Base coat, color, top coat

Base coat, color, top coat

What I like:

  1. Eyes White Open is CRAZY opaque! Seriously one coat and you are good to go (even though the website recommends 2). Impressive for a white nail polish.
  2. Cream nail polishes are affordably priced at $7.50/bottle
  3. I like supporting “smaller” companies (relative to OPI or Essie). I’m sure people who are super into nails have heard of KB Shimmer, I just hadn’t yet. I’m glad I know now!

What I don’t like:

  1. Only one downside: the top coat has the strongest scent I’ve ever encountered with a nail polish. I’m glad I had a window open. Other than that, no complaints.

KB Shimmer

As a side note, this is a ticker formula but by thick I don’t mean goopy. It isn’t a thin polish though so it takes a little more care to get a nice, even coat.

I’ll update this post on Friday with my final thoughts for how it wore after an almost full week!

UPDATE: This is after 6 days of wear. I had a nail strengthener underneath so I think it lead it to chip more than normal. I’m going to try this again but here’s an update so far…

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