Gifts for Guys Valentine’s Day 2015

Hey gals! Valentine’s Day is in less than 10 days! Have a gift for your guy yet? Allow me to help! If you do want something in particular, check out yesterday’s post and pin some good ideas for your guy on Pinterest to drop some hints 😉

Valentine's Day

$18 Neff Beanie: I’ll never understand why some guys think it’s “uncool” to have a hat and gloves. Why is it “uncool” to keep warm? Help him out and he’ll be stylish too.

$18 Dress Shirt: Guarantee he’ll look good for your dinner date by adding a new dress shirt to his wardrobe!

$19 Vintage Sports Apparel: Check out the Nordstrom Men’s Sports Team Section here to find your guy’s team of choice. Every time he supports his favorite team he’ll think of his favorite lady.

$30 Watch: I got my boyfriend this watch last year and he loves it! He’ll like some arm candy just as much as you do.

$30 Monogramed Wallet: We know we love things monogramed and in his case, it helps him feel extra special and the gift becomes less generic.

Hopefully some of these are helpful! No matter what your plans are for Valentine’s day, have fun! And if you don’t have a Valentine, no one is stopping you from buying a gift for yourself. No judgements. xoxo


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