Gifts for Girls Valentine’s Day 2015

Speaking for myself, but I do not want a heart shaped box of candy, teddy bear, or roses for Valentine’s Day (Fun Fact: my mom was in the floral industry and says that Valentine’s Day flowers are old flowers that look just good enough to sell for the holiday- waste of money!). Here are some gift for every budget that’ll make your girl happy!

Valentine's Day

$5+ Picture Frame: Girls love pictures. Guarantee you can put a picture of you two in a frame together and if she doesn’t cry, she’ll come pretty darn close to it. This one isn’t about the price tag, it’s about the thought that you put into picking out a picture and a frame.

$13 I Love You Mug: If you use the “L” word, this is an adorable mug.

$15 Heart Stud Earrings: When going for a “theme” jewelry gift, the key is subtlety, so try something dainty. Just note before you shop if she likes silver or gold.

$34 Too Faced Soul Mates Blushes: If your girl loves Friends or Sex and the City, she will LOVE this bronzer/blush duo! The two colors (both pretty universally flattering across the board so you can’t go wrong) are sweetly named after Carrie&Big and Rachel&Ross. These are also cute Too Faced blushes ($30).

$49 Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette: I said I didn’t want a box of chocolate, but I will take this eyeshadow palette! These colors are absolutely gorgeous and infused with real cocoa powder for that heavenly chocolate smell.

*Remember with all gifts, it is NOT the price! It is the fact you 1. Remembered 2. Thought about it and 3. Picked a gift the recipient will actually like and use!


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      I just might treat myself it looks so cute!

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