Top 5: Winter Must-Haves – Splurge and Save!

With each season some beauty products might need to be adjusted but Winter is on a whole different level. Here is what is helping me get through the freezing cold.

1. Body Butter: The True Blue Spa Lay It On Thick is no joke. That stuff is some serious heavy duty moisture. This is what I am currently using but I also have used The Body Shop’s Body Butters.

Body Butters

2. Moisturizing Body Wash: Using a body butter is great, but it’s even better if you can start the moisture in the shower. I like the Dove Deep Moisture Nourishing Body Wash.

Dove Body Wash

3. Good Face Cream: Nothing will make your makeup look worse than applying it onto dry skin. With the harsh wind and cold temperatures, it is important to have soft skin. Try The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Moisture Cream or a less expensive alternative is Fruit of the Earth’s Vitamin E Skin Care Cream.

Vitamin E Moisturizers

4. Deep Conditioner: Keep your hair from looking like hay with a good deep conditioner. Here’s another where you can spend a little more or a little less. Try either the It’s A 10 Miracle Deep Conditioner or the Pantene 2-minute Moisture Masque.

Deep Conditioners

5. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly: Plain and simple, whatever you need, it’s a classic. Lips, feet, elbows, a pesky dry spot, slap this on and you’re good to go.

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly


    • December 11, 2014 / 12:56 am

      Thanks, Lena! I’m excited to hop into the body butter I have waiting as soon as my True Blue Spa one is empty. I’m trying to finish products before I open new ones lol 🙂

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