Which is better? Garnier New vs. Old Eye Roller

I am totally one of those people who is on board the “BB” train, so when I saw “BB” for eyes, I hoped on this product. I assumed it would be similar to the eye roller I have (and love) so I wanted to compare the two.

Garnier eye roller New vs. Old

I’ve always liked the Garnier Skin Renew Eye roller (especially for easy makeup days), so when this new BB Eye Roller came out, I was very intrigued!

Garnier eye rollers

Both have a metal roller which is nice and cooling on the eyes. The new BB Eye Roller has half the product

Garnier eye rollers

I was really surprised by the price and had high hopes for the product

Garnier eye rollers

 I was so unimpressed with this product. It was too yellow/orange and definitely not for the fair of skin. It went back to Ulta.



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