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Last year, I “trained” my hair so that I didn’t have to wash it everyday. I used to be very mean to my hair: Wash, blow-dry, and straighten every single day. Now, I was my hair on average about every 4 days, sometimes I can go up to a week. I went through this process because I wanted to grow my hair out and and as it was getting longer, it became time consuming for me to do so much work.

I’m sure a lot of you have heard about the “no-poo” method. This is a great article that I read when I first came across the concept. I haven’t tried the no-poo because I’m scared but I don’t know why. I recently was at the Iowa City New Pioneer Co-op and they had samples of EverydayShea Shampoo & Conditioner, along with their parent company’s (Alaffia) Face Cream. If you have some time, you should really check out Alaffia’s website here, or watch a video on the company here.

Now, the products!

Alaffia Neem & Shea Butter Skin Recovery Face Cream

Face Cream

I was intrigued by this product because the package claims it is for ultra-dry or acne prone skin. If you have dry skin, you probably want a thick face cream, which wouldn’t be what you want if you’re acne prone.

My skin is normal-dry, very sensitive, and prone to redness. From what I used, I liked it. I didn’t break out and it was very moisturizing. However, because it is all natural, there isn’t an SPF. I like having that built in for everyday use.

EverydayShea Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner – Unscented


I was nervous to try this shampoo because I had read some reviews where people said there hair was left with a film and still greasy. I tried to push that aside, reminding myself that like my face, my hair is typically anything but greasy.



  • I like the scent. While it is “unscented,” it has that very fresh smell, similar to a lot of Lush products


  • I felt like I had to use more shampoo than normal
  • My hair didn’t feel very “clean”
  • I could very noticeably tell where I had missed a spot on my scalp, because it felt oily the next day



  • My hair was less frizzy than normal after air drying
  • Very thick


  • Smelled like puddy
  • Not as soft as a normal conditioner

Verdict: For the two times I used the shampoo, and three times I used the conditioner, I don’t think I’m a fan. Maybe I needed to give them a longer go. I am not discouraged by natural shampoo/conditioners, though.

So…do you poo? Are you a no-poo? Have you ever tried to no-poo? Use any organic/natural products you like? Please comment below and let me know!


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