First BH Cosmetics purchase!


I bought a few things from BH Cosmetics and wanted to share my thoughts! I know BH Cosmetics is known for some of their great eye shadows (and I’m kicking myself now for not getting any), but I am trying to use up some of what I have right now.

Lip Gloss – 80’s Diva

Lip Gloss

I am so in love with this lip gloss! It appeared to be a true ruby red on the site but it is actually a super hot pink that almost appears red. It is very pigmented, not sticky, and isn’t sparkly but has a nice shimmer. I would definitely buy more of these glosses in other colors.

Floral Duo Blush – Iris


This blush duo offers a matte berry and a soft, shimmery pink. I used the blush at first with the blush brush I purchased and was unimpressed but after using my own brush I was very pleased. The color is build able so it can be worn as a soft flush of color or a more dramatic look.

Floral Duo Blush – Tulip 


This blush duo offers a matte coral as well as a shimmery pinky/bronze. I am more impressed with the highlight than I am the coral. I think the highlight would work great as an eyeshadow although it is not advertised as such. A lot of times in the summer I skip the blush and just use some bronzer. I think paired with bronzer and this color on the cheekbones, you would glow with a sun-kissed look!


12 Piece Classic Black Brush


I was a little disappointed in the brushes. When I opened the case, it had a terrible plastic/chemical smell. When I was feeling the brushes, a strange dust was coming out from them. I have never experienced this before so I don’t know if I need to wash them first or what would cause this. A few of the brushes are ok and hopefully if the smell of the case goes away it will be a nice case to have. It seems very hard to blend with the brushes. Based on my first impression, I would not recommend these brushes.

Have you tried BH Cosmetics? Have any recommendations? Let me know!

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