Bubble Pizza

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It’s cheap, quick, easy, and delicious!


1 Package Pillsbury Grands Rolls (Mine were butter something or other…still turned out fine!)

Pizza/tomato sauce

Cheese (I used Mozzarella)

Pizza toppings of choice!


Preheat the oven according to the Pillsbury Grands Rolls baking instructions. While my two chicken sausage links were cooking, I cut the rolls into fourths and placed them into a pan I greased with Pam. No science to arranging them. Spread the sauce over the cut rolls (I used about half of the jar) and top with cheese. The more the better, in my opinion. Spread your toppings of choice. Since ovens may differ, I would say minimum 20 minutes, possibly up to 25 minutes (mine was about 23 minutes). Pull apart and enjoy!

Have a great weekend 🙂

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