Mascara Madness


 While March Madness is finishing up, I wanted to sneak in my Mascara Madness (last day of March…I procrastinate). Bat those lashes, here we go!

*I think mascara is very subjective. Some people have naturally gorgeous lashes like one of my best friends and other people have short, stubby lashes. I am a firm believer that your eye shape and your eyelids makes a big difference too in how much you like a mascara. These are just my opinions based on what works best for me!

Benefit’s They’re Real

This is my all time favorite mascara. The first time I used it, I was not a fan. I think it just takes some getting used to because it is a thicker formula and you need to fudge it around a little.

Covergirl’s Clump Crusher

This is my favorite drugstore mascara. While it isn’t the most lengthening mascara, it gives great volume and definition. I also like the curved brush a lot. I always get it in waterproof and like it because I do not have to scrub hard to get it off when I was my face at night. Overall, a great mascara.

Maybelline’s The Rocket

I had high hopes for this mascara and it just fell a little short. It transfers and smudges off of my lower lash line, even though I set my under eye concealer with powder. It does hold a curl very well so I like wearing it on my upper lash line but it’s disappointing that I can’t use it on the bottom.

Benefit’s Bad Gal in Plum

I love this mascara. If I’m going for a softer look and don’t want to wear black, I wear this. I think it’s a great alternative to brown because it looks like brown unless you’re in the light. Bonus: looks great with copper/gold eyeshadow!

Too Faced Lashgasm

This mascara is just ok. I do not think it is worth the high end price. It’s lengthening but doesn’t give great definition. I do really like how it looks on my lower lashes.

Makeup Forever’s Smoky Extravagant 

This mascara was confusing. The brush was so large that I could barely apply it without hitting my eyelid repeatedly. It gave me no volume, definition, or length. I don’t think it enhances, it just coats what you have.


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