Oscars 2014

I do not miss The Oscars. Awards season is a marathon, not a sprint: show, after party, promotion event, talk show visit, short break, repeat. It is weeks on end of making conscious, healthy eating choices, sticking to a rigorous workout plan, taking care of your body (especially skin), and making time to sleep. I say this as if I’m the one doing it but I have to say, I think it is impressive what many of the women (and men, I don’t want to be exclusionary) do. As a college student, I admire taking the time to be able to do all of that, on top of a job. Celebrity critics quip, “Oh, dressing up for a job is sooo hard!” *dripping with sarcasm and disdain* but I would imagine turning down French fries for celery for months on end is hard. In the sprint, knowing that instantly, viewers will be tweeting about your appearance has to be unnerving. In the marathon, knowing that Joan Rivers will be praising or mocking your ensemble choice for the rest of the awards season, equally as dreadful.

Last night, I don’t think there was anyone who appeared as though his or her color-zealous pre-K tot picked out his or her frock. Here are my brief thoughts on the sexes (both giving each other a run for their money in the style race) and my top 3 for each, along with some honorable mentions. The winner of the night, who took home the gold (man), is at the bottom.

The Women

Stunning. Airy dresses in pastels were a trend, contrasted by some darker shades. As always, sparkles and shine dotted the red carpet as well. Picking out a favorite top three or five is so hard because everyone genuinely looked beautiful. Olivia Wilde looked elegant and chic in black with her blossoming baby bump (and adorably said “We are in Valentino”) along with Kerry Washington in her silky purple gown.

Honorable mentions:

Julia Roberts: That’s how you do a black dress!

Emma Watson: Young and fresh

Portia di Rossi: Statuesque

Top Three:

Kate Hudson: That cape.

Sandra Bullock: It fit like a glove, her makeup was gorgeous, and hair perfect.

Kristen Bell: Light and soft with beautiful detailing and a stunning necklace.


The Men

Dapper! They went bold! Maroon, navy and white were big trends. Pharrell showed off a little skin with his shorts, and held off on the hat until his performance. It was exciting to see that the men weren’t afraid of color and wanted to show off their keen sense of style as well.

Honorable mentions:

Kellan Lutz: The cobalt detailing added a great pop

Benedict Cumberbatch: I liked the relaxed tie

Jared Leto: The white was bold and the red bow tie was a fun twist

JGL: The tux had a nice sheen and he wore it well. The man can wear a tux.

Top Three:

Jason Sudeikis: Great shade of midnight blue

Ryan Seacrest: The perfect soft white

Kevin Spacey: A true blue worn well


Lupita Nyong’o

Last but not least, the buzz of the ball, Lupita Nyong’o. Her dress was one of the most, if not the most highly anticipated dress of the night. The pastel blue complemented her skin tone beautifully. She was styled perfectly, not too overdone, and just when you thought the headband was dead, she brought it back (personally very excited about this). As she was accepting her Oscar, I felt as though I was watching not only a fashion moment in history, but also one of the most sincere acceptance speeches I have ever seen. It was a wonderful moment to witness.


Her words were moving and inspiring:

“No matter where you are from your dreams are valid.”

Other favorite moments of the night:

–       All of Ellen. Just, all of it.

–       Brad Pitt handing out paper plates

–       Brad Pitt contributing lots of money to the pizza fund

–       Brad Pitt eating pizza

–       The subsequent memes of Brad Pitt eating pizza

–       Meryl Streep dancing to Pharrell

–       Pink’s red performance dress

Best dressed pictures: People.com

Photo of Lupita Nyong’o: http://runbyhubble.tumblr.com

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