May was quite the month. In case you aren’t following me on Instagram (seriously ya should we can hang over there too), then you might not know that I graduated college! The last two weeks of school feel like a blur now. If you want to get caught up, you can read my 22 Highlights of Senior Year post here and my #ThursdayThoughts post on Graduating/Finding a Job here. In the meantime, let’s acknowledge the strong, brave products that were on my face this month, withstanding photo shoots, finals, tears, and more.


Benefit Cheekathon: I did a full review on this guy (with an interesting Benefit secret you can read about here) so I won’t go on for too long, but this palette has been a dream. The quality is wonderful and it’s so handy to have every color I’d want all right there.

NIP+FAB No Needle Fix Serum: Once upon a time, The Body Shop discontinued my favorite serum. I was very dramatic about the whole thing. I tweeted about it, The Body Shop DM’ed me to confirm my worst fear, I called every Body Shop I could to try and stock up…like I said, dramatic. AND THEN, just when I’ve fallen in love with a new serum, the Vitamin E Serum is back. Now, I’m unsure which I’ll buy when I’m done with this. This isn’t as moisturizing but I really feel like it plumps the skin.

Bobbi Brown Face Base: This is one of those products that I shouldn’t have even tried, because now I’m in love. I got this very hefty sample as a Sephora reward and because I’m smart, I haven’t looked at how much the full size is. I’m just hoping I’m over it by the time this is out. This base adds the extra moisture my dry skin needs while keeping my makeup in place. It adds such a healthy glow to the skin so I can understand why this is a MUA staple.

Boscia Makeup-Breakup Gel Cleansing Oil: I wore some serious makeup this month and this oil does a great job of breaking it all up before going in with your cleanser.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector – Opal: I’ve been adding this to my foundation, as my highlight, on my shoulders…I’m ready for summer. It looks so natural on the skin and makes you glow like a dream.

e.l.f. Contouring Blush & Bronzing Cream: Most of the month I was layering all of my makeup with cream bases and topping with powder. I’m not a huge fan of the blush in this duo (I like the 4 pan cream blushes better), but the bronzer/contour shade is great. As you can see, it has quite a hefty dent in it.

That’s all! I’d love to hear what you loved this month. xoxo

TGIF! Today I’m coming to you with an updated skincare routine! On Wednesday, I talked about how I’ve been shaving since July because it’s become a huge part of my skincare routine and knew it needed it’s own post to explain everything. Thank you for all of the positive feedback I got on here and Instagram on the photo! I have some great new things in my routine, as well as some staples from my 2014 skincare routine and last year’s 2015 skincare routine. Let’s jump in!

Bolt Blogs Skincare Routine 2016


Cleansing Routine | Bolt Blogs

If I’m doing a full face of makeup in the morning, I’ll wash my face but otherwise, I’ll just go into toner and my normal routine. In the morning I use the Olay face wash. I love the lather and it doesn’t leave my skin too dry. At night, I use the Kaplan MD Hydrating Milk Cleanser. In my last post I talked about another cleansing lotion, which I thought was nice, but the Kaplan MD really breaks up the makeup quickly. I’ll then cleanse or exfoliate, depending on what my skin needs. I completely credit the Boots Purifying Exfoliator for clearing up my problem skin. When I feel like a deep clean, I go in with the apricot scrub.


Morning Routine | Bolt Blogs

Products are in the order that I apply them!

You’ll see three staples in my morning and night routine that are consistent – the toner, serum, and spot treatment. In-between my last two skincare updates, I had a Caudalie serum I hated. I can’t find it online, so hopefully it’s been discontinued. I love The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Moisture Serum, it’s probably my favorite skincare item.

Bliss Exglossion Lotion

I just started using the Bliss ex-‘glow’-sion face lotion and it’s perfect for the morning. The consistency, stick with me here, is like a thicker version of Yoplait Whips yogurt! There is a slight citrus scent and it’s very refreshing in the morning. It sits under makeup beautifully. I got the Origins eye cream as a sample and I’ll probably buy the full size when the time comes. It’s very super illuminating and very hydrating.


Night Routine | Bolt Blogs

Products are in the order that I apply them!

I am in love with my night time routine right now. The Body Shop Vitamin E eye cream is another repeat from my last routine. The Tarte Maracuja Oil is also new. I was sad when I ran out of the sample of the Fresh Seaberry Face Oil, but have been liking the Tarte oil as well. Since I started using a night cream, I think I finally found one that I can tell is actually doing something for my face! The Boots Lift & Luminate Night Cream feels so soft and luxurious. When I use this, my skin feels so moisturized and plump. I can tell I will repurchase this.


Face Masks | Bolt Blogs

Lots of masks for lots of reasons! I like to use 1-2 masks a week, depending on what my skin needs.

  • Peter Thomas Roth FIRMx Peeling Gel: This stuff is wild! It’s a resurfacing mask that rubs off your dead skin and it is so oddly satisfying. Because you only need to do this
  • Montagne Jeunesse Fruit Mask: I’ve decided this is probably my favorite “suck out your pores” mask. I can’t find the fruit one online, but it’s always in the checkout tower of doom at Ulta. These are only $1/2 and really clear out your skin.
  • Origins Out of Trouble: Be warned, this mask smells like menthol if you aren’t a fan of that scent. This mask is nice to just balance out your skin when it is “blah.”
  • Origins Clear Improvement: This charcoal mask is nice, but I’m not sure it’s worth the price. I’m glad I got this in a sample pack. Out of the three, I like the Drink Up the best.
  • Origins Drink Up: This mask has been saving me while I’ve been sick lately! It smells delicious and really locks in moisture overnight, but I don’t wake up oily.
  • Nip+Fab Soften Kale Fix: You can read all about this mask here

Lip Care:

Kaplan MD | Bolt Blogs

I think a part of the face people neglect are lips! To prep for lipstick, I use the eos balm and throughout the day I love the Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm. If I’ve been wearing a matte lip all day and need to rehydrate them at night, I go in with this Kaplan MD duo. Let me say, I was extremely skeptical of a lip mask at first but as you can see, I’ve made a hefty dent in this mask. It plumps your lips up and tingles a little, but really works. The lip balm smells a little “medical” but doesn’t taste bad at all. It’s a thin consistency and I like that it soaks up quickly.

Well, that was a lot of product! Hopefully this helped, please let me know if you have any questions! Happy Friday! xoxo

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great start to your 2016 and an awesome first month! I missed last month’s favorites because I was super busy, so I have a lot to catch up on for this month!

Bolt Blogs January Favorites

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector – Moonstone: I got this mini size in the Radiant Glow Collection from Ulta, which is still available. You can read a full review on the kit here. I’ve been super into using this as my main highlight and then going over it with Champagne Pop to really add a lot of light. I know I don’t need pearl, but the obsession with these is strong…

Wet 'n Wild Contour Dulce de Leche Swatch

Wet ‘n Wild Contouring Palette – Dulce de Leche: I’ve really been searching for a cooler toned contour color but don’t do a proper contour often enough to make a splurge on something high end (I normally just lightly contour with Chocolate Soleil). When I found this at walmart, I was super excited to give it a try. The tone is perfect for me. This does kick up some powder, but it’s not a huge deal. I would recommend starting light and then building the color because it is pretty pigmented, but blends beautifully. The light shade is a little too heavy to set my under-eyes with, but I use it to set my t-zone. Wet ‘n Wild nailed this one. I really like using it with the BH Cosmetics brush. I got it in a set and unfortunately it isn’t sold individually but wanted to show what I’ve been using.

BareMinerals 5 in 1 BB – Radiant Sand: I think these are the most underrated beauty product on the market. I got the color Blushing Apricot and after falling in love got the color Radiant Sand. This color is so beautiful if you take a minute to create a nice gradient with layering and a fluffy synthetic brush. The formula is the perfect consistency and stays in place on my hooded, oily lids all day long!

It! Cosmetics CC+ – Light: I am so in love with this CC Cream. My only complaint is that the color is pretty off, but that’s where the next product comes in. Fair was too ashy but light is too dark…I really wish they had more colors in this product. Anyway, the coverage on this for a CC cream is unbelievable. Obviously it breaks up a little faster than a foundation but using a primer really helps.

The Body Shop Lightening Drops Swatch

The Body Shop Lightening Drops: When these drops first came out, I lost it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten the lightest shade in a foundation and it’s still too dark! The Body Shop came out with Lightening and Darkening drops so you can adjust your foundation shades instead of having multiple shades in a foundation to fit you throughout the year. My only complaint with these is that it does make the product you’re working with a little more matte. Since the lightening shades have a pink undertone, I’m unsure how it would work on those who have warmer undertones.

L'Oreal la Palette Nude 1 Swatches

L’Oreal La Palette Nude 1: When I picked up this palette for $3 (read how here), I wasn’t going to be too upset if I didn’t like it, but there are a few colors in here I really enjoy. Overall, I don’t think I’d spend $20 on this palette but if you can use coupons or get a sale, I think it’s worth considering. I wish the colors were a little smoother to blend. There is one shade in the palette that is a total standout – it’s a bronze shade with a lot of brown and a gorgeous gold shimmer.

Nip+Fab Viper Venom Primer: Nip+Fab kindly sent me this primer and their new frown fix, which is also from the same line. The primer is very cooling and even a little hydrating but really smoothes out my skin and helps the makeup stick. I like that it doesn’t have a silicon feel because I hate primers that feel slippery.

If you made it to the end, thank you! Those are all of my favorites this month and I would love to hear yours! xoxo

If you’re anything like me, you not only hate winter because of the cold, but also because of what it does to your skin. Nip+Fab was kind enough to send me their new Kale Fix Line, but before I talked about it I wanted to make sure I tried it out for a solid amount of time because skincare can be tricky. Overall, I’m a huge fan of this line, but let’s get into the specifics!

Nip+Fab Kale Fix Review | Bolt Blogs

A note on the whole line: All of the products have a very distinct scent, something a lot of people might not be a fan of. Definitely smells like kale, or baby food, or kale baby food. The scent goes away though, especially if you are laying makeup on top. The only time it might really bother you is with the mask while it’s sitting on your face.

Moisturizer: This moisturizer is super hydrating. If you have dry skin, this is amazing. Super rich and hydrating and feels very silky. I would recommend using a primer if you’re putting this moisturizer under makeup because it is so thick. I do need to touch up a little sooner than normal with this moisturizer, but would rather that than my skin look crepey. This moisturizer does not have an SPF, so be sure to add one.

Clay Mask: This mask is great if you have all over dry skin or have a dry patch. I normally put this on my cheeks and temples, where my dry skin tends to be the worst. I always have a little flaking on my temples (probably because this is an area easy to neglect when exfoliating) and this really helps to add some moisture back into my skin.

Make-Up Remover: I love these makeup remove pads, but really wish they came in a wipe. I normally had to use 2 to take off a full face of makeup, sometimes 3 if I had liquid eyeliner/matte lipstick. Otherwise, on an easy makeup day, 1 would do the job. The thing I like most about these is that after I took off my makeup, I didn’t necessarily feel like I needed to moisturize.

What’s your favorite dry skin savior? Let me know!

Ah October brought so much happiness! As much as I’m not a fan of the weather, October-February are some of my favorite months of the year because while they’re busy, there are so many fun things to look forward to. Iowa has been rainy the last two weeks but I’m excited for all of the super makeup goodies I had fun playing with this month!

October Favorites 2015 | Bolt Blogs

Hourglass Ambient Edit: I LOVE this palette. I’ve talked about it a lot on IG so I won’t bore you too much on here, but I basically think it is worth the value. Here’s why: buying all of these individually would cost…I don’t even know but guessing the number is making me choke. I think that if you have a larger collection, you’ll never go through anyone of these shades. If you don’t, I think it’s a great way to sample some high-end products. The pans are a little small but my brushes all fit fine as long as I take an extra moment of care.

NIP+FAB Kale Fix Moisturizer: Let’s get this out there – this stuff smells like kale that’s a day too old to eat. BUT it is probably my favorite moisturizer I’ve ever used. I was kindly sent this line by NIP+FAB and I plan on doing a full review of these soon. I can say I will definitely be repurchasing this moisturizer when I’m done, the other two I’m on the fence about. It is a very thick moisturizer, almost like a cream. I have combo skin and it works fine under foundation as long as I use a primer. A primer with this one is a must, at least in the T-zone. I would honestly rather have extra oil shine through throughout the day rather than look dry and cakey.

UD All Nighter Setting Spray: I don’t think that this sets my makeup any better than the L’Oreal one I love, but the cooler factor is a nice added bonus. I don’t think I would buy this over the L’Oreal but having it around is definitely nice!

NYX Dark Circle Concealer – Light: This corrector really brightens up my under-eye area. Disclaimer: I need to use an eye cream though because without it, the corrector can really settle into fine lines. Use this sparingly just where your under eyes are darkest and then go in with a light concealer on top for a totally flawless under eye!

Amika Un.Done Texture Spray: Thank you to my roomie for letting me have her sample of this from Birchbox! I’m always looking for something to give my flat hair lots of volume and texture. This did not weight down my hair and didn’t get my hair too dirty, even in-between washes. I’m not sure if I like it better than the Drybar Triple Sec or B&B Dryspun, but it smells great and is really nice. For all three of these, I’d just say it depends on your scent preference.

elf Tantalizing Taupe: You’re probably sick of hearing me talk about this, but obviously it’s been a favorite this month. It’s super quick and easy plus I tried out the liner shade for my brows and it’s great! It could be easy to go overboard with this but I naturally have dark brows. I just make sure to blend and comb through to distribute the color and I don’t think it’s too dark.