What is Radiant Orchid and why is everyone talking about it? Well, Radiant Orchid is the Pantone Color of the year. If you want to read all about it, you can click here. I would define radiant orchid as a purple with just a tad too much pink to be a true purple. If you typically are drawn toward purples and blues, go toward the true purple end of the spectrum. If you gravitate toward pinks, go with a pink with purple undertones. I wanted to share some makeup goodies I pulled out of my collection that I would call Radiant Orchid and do a look.

If you are afraid of color in general on your face, incorporate the color into your look with a new statement necklace like this floral one or this bubble one! Just have fun!


FLIRT! PLUSHIOUS Liquid Velvet Lipcolor in 19 Purple Passion: A super smooth, super pigmented lip color (gloss) with blue undertones (perfect for making your pearly whites look extra white)

Benefit Hervana Blush: A soft and pretty pink to match a Radiant Orchid look

Mica Beauty Cosmetics Eye Shadow in 29 Venice: A beautiful, shimmery purple. Can be used dry or wet (beautiful wet as a liner)

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in 610 Oyster: Described as an “iridescent lilac,” it is creamy and works well as a shadow or liner

OPI nail polish Lucky Lucky Lavender: On the purple end of the spectrum of Radiant Orchid for a nail polish

Essie nail polish Cascade Cool: Described as “a creamy, sweet dusty pink,” this nail polish is on the pink end of the spectrum of Radiant Orchid

Jordana retractable lip liner pencil in Silver Lilac: I would call this color a true Radiant Orchid


Left: Just the lipliner

Right: The bottom swatch is the lipliner with the gloss layered on top. The top swatch is just the gloss.


The inspiration:


The look:


On my lids, I swept on a bit of the NYX Jumbo eye pencil and sheered it out with my finger. I lined my bottom lash line with the same pencil and set it with a bit of the Mica loose eye shadow. I dusted Hervana on my cheeks and on my lips layer both the lip liner and gloss.


Here are a few other purple goodies I dug up! I hope everyone is starting to get some warm weather to make for a radiant spring!


Bumble and Bumble Hairspray

Bath & Body Works Moonlight Path

Lululemon headband

Stella & Dot earrings (No longer sold. If you’re a February baby and don’t have some amethyst jewelry yet, now is a good excuse to get some!)


I have been a loyal Benebabe since my first benefit purchase. I was in my early teens when I developed an interest in experimenting with makeup. I used a tinted moisturizer but wanted a little something extra to help perfect my skin. In Ulta my search quickly became overwhelming due to my lack of knowledge about the rows of numerous face products. My mom, who is not a huge makeup person, didn’t know where to guide me exactly either. We walked down the block to the new Benefit store, and I fell in love.

The woman at the counter was helpful, sat me down, and went over all of my options with me. I settled on the Some Kind-a Gorgeous Foundation Faker (great compact – cream to powder) and was instantly sold on the company as a whole. I loved the packaging, the atmosphere, the customer service, and most importantly, the products.


I wanted to put a list together of my Top 5, but really struggled. So here are my Top 7, with an honorable mention to my Fluff Shadow Brush. Unfortunately, it no longer seems to be sold. I apologize for including something you can’t buy, but I use it on a daily basis so I couldn’t go without mentioning it.

High Beam ($26): Liquid highlight

Liquid luminousness. That’s what this product is. When I’m in a hurry, I mix together 2 parts tinted moisturizer and 1 part That Gal with a few drops of High Beam and my face has a healthy glow. When I have time for a full face, I use it to more strategically highlight my face i.e. cheekbones, brow bone, cupid’s bow (I wouldn’t recommend using it down the center of your nose). It’s my favorite liquid highlighter.

 That Gal ($29): Brightening face primer

I swear by this brightening face primer. In my opinion, it’s the best. I think it is slightly hydrating so it’s perfect for the winter but by no means greasy in the summer. I mix it in with my tinted moisturizer when I am pressed for time and I think it adds that extra “oomph” my face needs. If I have ever applied too much concealer, I use this to blend it out and it looks less cakey. It might seem counterintuitive to add a product to an area where you want less, but trust me, it works.

They’re Real ($23): Falsies without the falsies mascara

I hated this mascara at first. I thought it was just terrible. A year later, I got a sample size in a gift set (I received as a gift) and gave it a second try. I fell in love. I don’t know what was different this time around, but something changed. It makes my stick straight lashes hold a curl with separation and volume.

Erase Paste ($26): Brightening concealer

I have terrible purple discoloration under my eyes. I also have dry under eyes. This is my ticket. I still have to use an eye cream with this product, or at least make sure I have That Gal on underneath. This concealer really does brighten with its peachy undertones. Note: you do have to set this concealer, use a light powder and light hand because it is a thicker concealer and you don’t want too many products layered under your eyes.

POREfessional ($31): Pore blurring primer

I love this primer. It makes my skin silky smooth and leaves a lovely canvas for your foundation whether it is liquid or powder. I only have a sample size at the moment but I will be purchasing the full size when I run out.  I concentrate on having it in my T-zone and then just blend out from there.

Hervana ($28): Pinky boxed blush

It is shameful how much stress this decision gave me: which blush do I include? I do own/have owned: Coralista, Bella Bamba, Hervana, Dandelion, and Rockateur. I love them all so much. The only reason I grabbed for this was because the color of the year is “Radiant Orchid” and this blush fits in so well with that. I use Coralista and Dandelion year round. They are great no matter what. I used Rockateur from the time it came out up until pretty recently when I started back up with Coralista and Hervana. I like wearing Bella Bamba best when I have a little more color in my face during the summer. I love them all and you won’t be disappointed with any of them!

*Bonus points: they are all slightly scented and have a matching lip-gloss!

Gimme Brow ($22): Brow-volumizing gel

I like big brows and I cannot lie. This brow gel gives me just that. The light/medium matches my brow color exactly but I went with the medium/deep because I wanted something slightly darker to give me bolder brows. I also bought this when I was wearing darker lips for the fall and winter, so I wanted my brows to help balance everything out. It is not too dark with a nude lip, though. It tames, appears to thicken, and adds a nice tint.

*Tin is from the 2013 Holiday Collection set


Are you a Benebabe? Which products are your favorites?

I do not miss The Oscars. Awards season is a marathon, not a sprint: show, after party, promotion event, talk show visit, short break, repeat. It is weeks on end of making conscious, healthy eating choices, sticking to a rigorous workout plan, taking care of your body (especially skin), and making time to sleep. I say this as if I’m the one doing it but I have to say, I think it is impressive what many of the women (and men, I don’t want to be exclusionary) do. As a college student, I admire taking the time to be able to do all of that, on top of a job. Celebrity critics quip, “Oh, dressing up for a job is sooo hard!” *dripping with sarcasm and disdain* but I would imagine turning down French fries for celery for months on end is hard. In the sprint, knowing that instantly, viewers will be tweeting about your appearance has to be unnerving. In the marathon, knowing that Joan Rivers will be praising or mocking your ensemble choice for the rest of the awards season, equally as dreadful.

Last night, I don’t think there was anyone who appeared as though his or her color-zealous pre-K tot picked out his or her frock. Here are my brief thoughts on the sexes (both giving each other a run for their money in the style race) and my top 3 for each, along with some honorable mentions. The winner of the night, who took home the gold (man), is at the bottom.

The Women

Stunning. Airy dresses in pastels were a trend, contrasted by some darker shades. As always, sparkles and shine dotted the red carpet as well. Picking out a favorite top three or five is so hard because everyone genuinely looked beautiful. Olivia Wilde looked elegant and chic in black with her blossoming baby bump (and adorably said “We are in Valentino”) along with Kerry Washington in her silky purple gown.

Honorable mentions:

Julia Roberts: That’s how you do a black dress!

Emma Watson: Young and fresh

Portia di Rossi: Statuesque

Top Three:

Kate Hudson: That cape.

Sandra Bullock: It fit like a glove, her makeup was gorgeous, and hair perfect.

Kristen Bell: Light and soft with beautiful detailing and a stunning necklace.


The Men

Dapper! They went bold! Maroon, navy and white were big trends. Pharrell showed off a little skin with his shorts, and held off on the hat until his performance. It was exciting to see that the men weren’t afraid of color and wanted to show off their keen sense of style as well.

Honorable mentions:

Kellan Lutz: The cobalt detailing added a great pop

Benedict Cumberbatch: I liked the relaxed tie

Jared Leto: The white was bold and the red bow tie was a fun twist

JGL: The tux had a nice sheen and he wore it well. The man can wear a tux.

Top Three:

Jason Sudeikis: Great shade of midnight blue

Ryan Seacrest: The perfect soft white

Kevin Spacey: A true blue worn well


Lupita Nyong’o

Last but not least, the buzz of the ball, Lupita Nyong’o. Her dress was one of the most, if not the most highly anticipated dress of the night. The pastel blue complemented her skin tone beautifully. She was styled perfectly, not too overdone, and just when you thought the headband was dead, she brought it back (personally very excited about this). As she was accepting her Oscar, I felt as though I was watching not only a fashion moment in history, but also one of the most sincere acceptance speeches I have ever seen. It was a wonderful moment to witness.


Her words were moving and inspiring:

“No matter where you are from your dreams are valid.”

Other favorite moments of the night:

–       All of Ellen. Just, all of it.

–       Brad Pitt handing out paper plates

–       Brad Pitt contributing lots of money to the pizza fund

–       Brad Pitt eating pizza

–       The subsequent memes of Brad Pitt eating pizza

–       Meryl Streep dancing to Pharrell

–       Pink’s red performance dress

Best dressed pictures:

Photo of Lupita Nyong’o:

Remember when you were so excited that you were finally going to be 10? In the weeks leading up to my birthday, my sister called me a double-digit-midget. I didn’t mind the nickname because it still implied that I would finally have a decade of life under my belt. I wasn’t going to complain about earning that title. Turning 10 was hardly revolutionary but then again, everything seems more exciting when you have a youthful lens on life. It was three long years from here until another milestone came (unless it was your golden birthday in-between) and the promise of becoming a teenager brought new hopes and dreams. Then permits, drivers licenses, and lastly, being an adult! Don’t wish it by! They whispered, but no one ever really listens.

Currently, my roommates and I are dealing with real people adulthood life issues. What do you do when your apartment floods? Subsequently, what do you do when it seems (in my opinion) no one is willing to help you? I was fortunate to grow up with many privileges that I know some are not as fortunate to have. When I would go shopping at a store with my friends, I was upset when I was not treated with the same level of service as my adult counter parts. I didn’t (and still don’t) understand why my dollar was valued less than a dollar in the hands of a 40 year old. I feel this same sense of frustration now. Despite my signature being on the lease of my apartment, along with my four friends, I feel as though I am not being treated with respect and basic common courtesy. I’ve been told, “It’s the reality of the situation” and “That’s just the way things are.” I’m struggling to understand why things have to be that way though.

So before this gets into full on rant territory, let me leave you with a few things I have learned:

1. Enjoy the now. If you still live at home, thank your parents/guardians/the wolves that raised you

2. Do your research. Especially when apartment hunting, make sure you read up on your landlord, the building, issues people have had in the past. Ask around. Make sure you do a walk through of the unit you will specifically be signing for. Ask if there has been, say for example, water damage in the past. Be thorough.

3. Be polite, even when others are not. This is coming from someone with a short temper so I understand how hard this one can be. Do your best to be as polite and sincere as possible, without the sarcasm, no matter how snarky you may feel.

4. Go with your gut. Stick up for what you believe is right and find friends to help you along the way.

I couldn't have said it any better myself, Jack

I couldn’t have said it any better myself, Jack

TGIF friends, I’ll keep you posted.