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Two years! I honestly thought when I started blogging it’d be a little stint but I’m proud to say I’ve stuck with it! I never thought I’d get so many amazing opportunities blogging or meet so many wonderful girls, but I’m grateful that I have. I wanted to celebrate BB’s birthday with a little photo shoot, and things didn’t exactly go according to plan. Let me explain:

I asked my boyfriend to take pictures for me this past weekend. He was busy, I was stressed, it wasn’t ideal timing. We finally got outside to take pictures when I realized like the space cadet that I am, I didn’t charge the camera. Now we were fighting the sunset and low battery. I’m not a camera whiz so it’s hard for me to direct him as the cameraman. He was trying his best, and I so appreciate that, but it wasn’t working. The worst part about creating something is having a vision and your project not coming out how you pictured it.


Clearly, things weren’t going well. Then, something amazing happened. We found my friend Alex, a photographer, outside taking pictures for a project. Here’s what she saw:


Ain’t he cute? Alex took over from here and captured some amazing shots:



What a cute cupcake


Outfit Details (they’re disappointing, I promise):

  • Scarf, sweater, and jeans: All Gap and all unavailable. Fun fact: that scarf is 5 years old and it is still my favorite. The jeans are a little newer, they’re called the Resolution. I can’t find them online but if they come back snag them up because they are crazy comfortable.
  • Shoes: Target, also very old. I could actually use some help, anyone have some ankle boots like this that they like?
  • Jacket: Now that I can link to! I LOVE this coat. It’s not super warm but is perfect for that awkward in-between seasons stage. For reference, I have this in a Large. Any bustier than me and this definitely won’t button


Makeup Details (there’s a lot caked on there so I’ll stick to the highlights):


I’ve learned a lot in my second year of blogging. Mainly, just have fun. There’s a lot I want to do still and more I want to create. BB is ready for a major facelift but I think that will have to wait until after graduation. If you want, you can check out my 5 Tips for Blogging here (I look like a baby in that post) and my tips for taking iPhone pictures here.


So little blog, Happy Birthday.

Special thank you to the boyfriend for helping, Alex for her pictures, and Kaity for my hair!

Check out Alex’s Facebook here, blog here, and her new website here!


Happy Monday! Today I’m bringing you a very exciting review on the company and products provided by Choix! Choix is the “makeup counter delivered to you,” which is fitting because the French name translates to “Choice” in English.


I love subscription boxes and have reviewed a few before, so I was very excited when Choix reached out and asked if I’d like to try out some new makeup. In a nutshell, Choix let’s you try samples of high-end makeup for $5 a sample (free shipping) and if you end up purchasing the product, that $5 goes toward the product. If you want monthly boxes, it costs $20 for 5 samples and you get to choose what you get every month, which is probably the biggest advantage to Choix over other boxes. For more information, you can read up on their rewards program and other details here.


The Packaging: The mailing box was very sturdy, so I would imagine it’d be very hard for anything to break! Very impressed right of the bat!

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 3.16.10 PM

The Product: The products are repackaged into sample containers just like they would be at a makeup counter for you to try. I picked out some things I’ve always wanted to try (especially the Chanel foundation) but have always been too afraid to spend the money on. I’m one of those people who feels very guilty returning a product if I don’t like it (even though most stores allow you to), so I always like to be sure about a purchase before I make it.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 3.14.56 PM

The Value: First, how cute does this look? Everything was secured down in the box along with some little tools. There’s definitely enough product in each to use once, probably more.


Here’s an up-close look at the products so you can see what you’re getting. I think I’ll be able to use all of the samples multiple times, except for the Chanel bronzer. I put the samples next to some more commonly known products for scale (the eyeshadow is Urban Decay).


Final Thoughts: So, do I think Choix is worth the price? Yes!

I think the ideal customer for Choix is…

  • Someone who doesn’t live around a department store and can’t otherwise try samples of these products (I don’t live close to a major department store to try many of the high-end brands Choix offers)
  • Someone just getting into makeup
  • Someone who wants to give a great gift

I don’t see myself getting a box every month, but I would definitely get a Choix box if I had a wedding or big event so I could have a full face of crazy expensive makeup for only $20!

Thank you to Ellie and the Choix team for the box! Head on over to their website to drool over some Chanel, Dior, Bobbi Brown, Nars…you get the picture!

GO HAWKS! This has been an extremely exciting season to be a Hawks fan! We are 9-0 as we prepare for another night game this weekend against Minnesota. My friend Alex and I (both Hawkeye Marching Band members) had so much fun sporting some Tailgate apparel around campus last week! It definitely makes me wish I could tailgate before games sometimes, but performing on *Historic* Kinnick Stadium in front of 70,000 people is pretty cool too…especially when you’re undefeated.


Thank you to Tailgate for welcoming us into the store and helping us out. If you’re not in the Iowa City area, or worse, a Cyclones fan, you can shop online for other collegiate apparel!


Fall essentials: coffee, plaid, and the perfect pair of jeans. I especially love this tee shirt because it has some lyrics to the Fight Song and my favorite Herky. Herky’s had a facelift or two over the years, but this one is my favorite for some reason.


*insert red cup joke here*


I purchased this sweatshirt a few weeks ago when the Iowa Retail Association went into Tailgate. We hung out in the store for a bit to learn more about the business side of shopping!


I may or may not have worn this sweatshirt 3 or 4 days in a row last week…


If you ever want to dress up a sweatshirt, it’s super easy to do: Just add chunky jewelry, sunglasses, and a pop of color.


This zip up hoodie is super cute and perfect for layering. Also: c’mon look at those leaves!


The zip-up linked here is extremely similar but they don’t currently have this exact one online.

Makeup Details:


Now the adorable photographer who made all of these pictures possible, Alex! Go check out her blog post to see all of her looks and how she styled them!

Yes I stayed up until 3:30 and then turned around 3 hours later, woke up, and went to the store. Thank you to my boyfriend for listening to me yell at my laptop, my roommates for trying to help me get on the website, and my friend for letting me use his car! I got all of the clothes I was hoping for online and in the morning was in search of the mugs, printed tote, headbands, and a scarf.

I was the third person in line, behind two friends who looked in their late 30’s. They were adorable, one a schoolteacher and the other a librarian. As more arrived, I chatted with the first two women, a mother/daughter duo, and another girl, slightly older than me. We formed a bond, we knew what each other wanted and were willing to help. We laughed, plotted, and became more anxious as the line behind us grew longer.


8:00 – The doors open. To the left, accessories. To the right, clothes. I grab the tote and scarf.

8:01 – All of the clothes are off the rack.

8:03 – I arrive at home decor and the woman in front of me grabs the one set of mugs. I watch as she reaches up, smiles, and takes them off of the display. My inner mug collector begins to cry (I love mugs). I quickly move on though and grab the pillow that will perfectly match my bedspread.

8:04 – I head to the beauty section. I grab the last 2 pairs of blue headbands (one for me, one for my roommate) along with the white. I told myself I last night that I didn’t need a polish but cave when I see Borrowed & blue.

8:05 – I’ve now circled the entire Target in 5 minutes. One shift dress has reappeared on the rack. I grab it for good measure. It’s a tad too tight in the hips and when I offer it to the vulture like girl standing outside the dressing room, she informs me that she wears a smaller size than the one in my hand.

8:13 – I run into the mother/daughter duo from outside. Looking at our carts, we are happy. I end up giving them the scarf as I reflect on my order from that night and realize I don’t really need it. No regrets about that one.

8:18 – I call my parents. They are very confused why their daughter is awake.

8:44 – Groceries and Lilly in hand, I walk out of the store, triumphant.

Bolt Blogs | Lilly for Target Wish List

My Wish List

Bolt Blogs | Lilly for Target Purchases

My Purchases

Luckily, there wasn’t any of this at my store, but obviously it happened elsewhere:


I cleaned up pretty well. One girl on Instagram wanted to sell the mugs ($30? I believe) for $130+ and the sadder part is, people will buy it. Calm down and let the prices drop! Don’t give them that satisfaction! Rant over.

ALSO I will have a summer giveaway live at the beginning of June that is including a Lilly headband (DON’T PAY $50 ON EBAY), hair ties, a nail file, and so many other summer treats. Just a heads up! xoxo

Rocksbox | Bolt Blogs

Coffee and jewels, what more do you need?

Hello, all! I have some very exciting news to share with you. I was contacted by Rocksbox to try out their subscription box service and this is my first one:

Rocksbox | Hey Nicole

The personalized note inside my Rocksbox was a nice little touch

What it is: Rocksbox is a San Fran based company that lets you try out 3 beautiful designer pieces of jewelry for $19.99/month. Rocksbox carries brands such as House of Harlow, Loren Hope, and Wanderlust + Co.

How it Works: Rocksbox works like many other subscription boxes. You fill out a profile and based on that you get a box with 3 hand-picked pieces. You can swap out pieces when you want to try new ones.

Buying Baubles: Every month, you get $10 in Shine Spend to put toward a purchase if you fall in love with a piece. You can always keep a piece and you’ll be billed for the piece (plus jewelry is 20% off retail as an Insider!)

Why I think it’s Great: Jewelry is the easiest way to vamp up your wardrobe. A basic white tee can always look fashionable with trendy jewelry and even better, you can gift a Rocksbox to your bauble-loving bestie!

FO FREE: Good news! I have a discount code for you beauties. You can use the code “boltblogsbeautyxoxo” to get your first month FREE! Starting April 3rd the code will be worth 50% off, so get it while you can use the full value!

I was so impressed with how beautifully packaged my box came

I was so impressed with how beautifully packaged my box came

I hope all of you enjoy your first box as much as I enjoy mine! xoxo

My Rocksbox came with a bracelet, earrings, and necklace