Ok…here’s all of the trash I’ve been collecting!

4 things below have been discontinued so reaching the end was very, very sad ūüôĀ

Empties #2

REPLACE | Garnier Fructis Volume Dry Shampoo: It’s pretty good, gets the job done, and smells fruity. I’m currently trying Dove and Batiste.

SAD FACE | Bath & Body Works Dreamy Vanilla Woods Scrub: PLEASE bring this scent back! It literally smells¬†so heavenly and I’m so upset it’s gone.

REPLACE | up&up Baby Wipes: I use baby wipes to take off the first layer of makeup if I have a full face. These were nice and not scratchy but tore easily.

(will) REPURCHASE| Pacifica Body Butter: This was in my May Favorites. I LOVE this scent. I will repurchase in the future (I have a lot of lotion to work through first!)

REPURCHASE | Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash: Gets me clean and is gentle on sensitive skin. I have another in my shower right now.

REPLACE | MICA Beauty Cosmetics Exfoliating Peel Gel: This is some steep stuff, but so worth it. I got it 2 years on a promo and it just ran out. Currently, I’m going to give the Peter Thomas Roth one a go, but I would repurchase this in the future.

REPURCHASE | CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara (Water Resistent): Have to have it no matter what.

SAD FACE | Benefit dual ended lip gloss: It was finally time for me to part with this gloss. I miss the old Benefit glosses so much. BRING THEM BACK!

SAD FACE | CoverGirl Nature Lux Balm Glosses: I was so upset when I found out these were discontinued but then, my friend found a whole bunch at Big Lots! Always check there for great deals and to see if any of your beloved discontinued makeup is there.

(will) PURCHASE | Lush Dream Wash: I got a sample of this and really liked it. I will pick it up around winter time when I really need it.

REPURCHASE | True Blue Spa Shea It Isn’t So Food Cream: (This is some old packaging!) I love the peppermint scent and it makes me feet so smooth.

REPURCHASE | e.l.f. Essential Shine Eraser: I always have these on hand.

REPURCHASE | e.l.f. Mineral Eye Brightener: This is my favorite under-eye setting powder. It’s light-weight and brightening.

MAYBE?¬†| Benefit They’re Real: I have such a love/hate relationship with this mascara. I go through phases. Right now, I’m over it. I’ll probably be back on at some point, though.

SAD FACE | Bath & Body Works Honolulu Sun Hand Cream: This scent is awesome so I had 4 shipped from another store so I could keep replacing as I ran out…

I wanted to give a review and some swatches of these limited addition e.l.f. lip glosses! You can find them here on the e.l.f. website.

The pack is a part of the essential line, so they are $1 each, $3 for the pack.

elf Lip Gloss

There is a coral (no shimmer), a strawberry pink (golden shimmer), and a clearish, bright pink (silver/blue glitter).


The coral and the pink are the only two that you could wear alone and get a good color payoff. The last one would really just be to top off a lipstick or a stain.


Right: Out of the tube Left: Sheered out, more how it would look on the lips

There is a slight scent, almost vanilla, and they aren’t too tacky.

Overall, you’re getting what you pay for, but they aren’t bad. If you need ¬†something¬†to throw in your cart for free shipping or if you really like lip gloss I’d say go for it, but they aren’t an e.l.f. must-have product.

Hope that was helpful! xoxo


Last year, I “trained” my hair so that I didn’t have to wash it everyday. I used to be very mean to my hair: Wash, blow-dry, and straighten every single day. Now, I was my hair on average about every 4 days, sometimes I can go up to a week. I went through this process because I wanted to grow my hair out and and as it was getting longer, it became time consuming for me to do so much work.

I’m sure a lot of you have heard about the “no-poo” method. This is a great article that I read when I first came across the concept. I haven’t tried the no-poo because I’m scared but I don’t know why. I recently was at the Iowa City New Pioneer Co-op¬†and they had samples of EverydayShea Shampoo & Conditioner, along with their parent company’s (Alaffia) Face Cream. If you have some time, you should really check out Alaffia’s website here, or watch a video on the company here.

Now, the products!

Alaffia Neem & Shea Butter Skin Recovery Face Cream

Face Cream

I was intrigued by this product because the package claims it is for ultra-dry or acne prone skin. If you have dry skin, you probably want a thick face cream, which wouldn’t be what you want if you’re acne prone.

My skin is normal-dry, very sensitive, and prone to redness. From what I used, I liked it. I didn’t break out and it was very moisturizing. However, because it is all natural, there isn’t an SPF. I like having that built in for everyday use.

EverydayShea Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner РUnscented


I was nervous to try this shampoo because I had read some reviews where people said there hair was left with a film and still greasy. I tried to push that aside, reminding myself that like my face, my hair is typically anything but greasy.



  • I like the scent. While it is “unscented,” it has that very fresh smell, similar to a lot of Lush products


  • I felt like I had to use more shampoo than normal
  • My hair didn’t feel very “clean”
  • I could very noticeably tell where I had missed a spot on my scalp, because it felt oily the next day



  • My hair was less frizzy than normal after air drying
  • Very thick


  • Smelled like puddy
  • Not as soft as a normal conditioner

Verdict: For the two times I used the shampoo, and three times I used the conditioner, I don’t think I’m a fan. Maybe I needed to give them a longer go. I am not discouraged by natural shampoo/conditioners, though.

So…do you poo? Are you a no-poo? Have you ever tried to no-poo? Use any organic/natural products you like? Please comment below and let me know!


I haven’t tried much¬†makeup from The Body Shop, so I thought I’d give this Baked-To-Last Blush a try. When I bought this blush, it was on sale for $9 (50% off) and might still be, so check it out!


It’s a baked blush so like most, it is domed. I really like the clear packaging.


I would say this is on the pinker end of the coral spectrum. It takes on more of a coral tone when the two colors are swirled together. This is a very highlighting blush so if you like matte blushes,¬†you’ll want to take a pass on this one. I am really happy with this blush and think it could be worn with a variety of eye looks and lip colors!

Have you tried any makeup from The Body Shop?

IMG_2840 Products seem to go all at once! I have used up a lot of things recently and wanted to review what I have run out of.

REPURCHASE |¬†Covergirl CG Smoothers BB Cream: This was the first tinted moisturizer I ever used because it was the tinted moisturizer my sister used (and I believe still does too!). It moisturizes well and gives very sheer¬†coverage, but paired with my mineral foundation, it works well for everyday.¬†I have seen this product’s packaging get three facelifts now


REPURCHASE¬†|¬†¬†NYX Cream Blush in 02 Natural: This is my favorite formula of cream blush that I have used. It has great staying power but is easily blendable. I like to stipple it on. My old one was just that…old, and it was time to go.


REPURCHASE¬†|¬†¬†True Blue Spa Super Softening Hand Lotion: I love this hand cream. The scent is delicious. I use it at night because it doesn’t absorb quickly and can leave the hands with that lotion-y feel. During the day, I like to use Vaseline Hand & Nail Conditioning Lotion.


I forgot to slip these in the master picture

REPURCHASE | Neutrogena Naturals Fresh Cleansing + Makeup Remover: This is my favorite face wash. It keeps my skin happy and removes ALL of my makeup.

REPURCHASE | e.l.f Makeup Mist & Set: If I get a little heavy handed on the powder, this setting spray does the trick. I have not used a high end setting spray but this seems to do the trick.

REPURCHASE | Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer: This has been my daily moisturizer for years now. It is hydrating and I really do feel like it calms my sensitive skin, just like it claims. I also like that it has SPF 15. I was contemplating the First Aid Beauty 5 in 1 Face Cream, but ended up falling back on something I know I already love.

REPLACE |¬†The Body Shop Bronzing Powder: This bronzer is so old that it’s been discontinued. While it¬†has been so good to me, it’s time to go.

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 4.45.04 PM

On the recommendation of a fellow blogger, I went ahead and got Benefit’s Hoola bronzer. I had always been a little afraid of it because it looked to dark, but I tried it in the shop and loved it.

REPLACE¬†|¬†Olay Age Defying Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream:¬†I started using an eye cream when a wonderful¬†hotel concierge made the suggestion. “Start now before the wrinkles come, honey!” Following his orders, I made this purchase and have again three times since. It is very hydrating and I can’t say that I have any complaints.


I’m not replacing because I don’t like this eye cream but I just want to change it up. I am replacing with Benefit’s It’s Potent! Eye Cream.

REPLACE | Lush Dream Cream: I bought this cream to dry and relieve my eczema. No prescription or over the counter lotion has ever relieved my symptoms. This cream did a fairly good job but I mainly just enjoyed how creamy it felt on my skin.


There are other creams I like just as much for all over the body that are less expensive. As far as my eczema goes, I am trying Gold Bond’s Ultimate Eczema Relief Lotion.

REPLACE | Benefit Instant Brow Pencil: This is my second one of this pencil. I like the waxy feel to the pencil and the color matches my brows well. They look defined without being overdone.

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 5.25.25 PM

I wanted to change it up just because I’m getting more into my brows and wanted to see what was in the drugstore. I got the Maybelline Brow Pencil in soft brown.

What products can’t you break up with? Have you tired any of these products? Let me know!