I’m headed off on a four day work trip and was really stressing over what to pack. My top concern was how to stay comfortable with a jam-packed schedule while still looking cute and professional. I’m super happy with what I put together, so stay tuned on Instagram if you want to each outfit. Click on any of the items in the image below for more details:

Here’s what to pack for your next work trip:

  1. Carry-all tote for all of your necessities
  2. Dry shampoo because sleep
  3. A long-wearing foundation with a natural finish for minimal touch ups
  4. Comfortable block heels so you can keep moving on your feet
  5. A sleep mask so your hotel feels a little bit more like home
  6. A cute power bank to keep your phone and iPad charged throughout the day
  7. Dark-wash jeggings that match any top and can switch from day to night
  8. Tunics and tops that won’t wrinkle so you don’t have to steam
  9. Extra pouches to carry your headphones or business cards
  10. Multi-tasking tools that straighten and curl so you can pack light

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Best Beauty Products for Summer

I was driving home the other night around 7 when I realized it was starting to get dark out, which means the season is almost over. I didn’t get to do all of the things I wanted to this summer (so many patios, so little time), but I’m hoping to squeeze in a few more things this fall before it gets too chilly.

It was a pretty great summer, so I wanted to share my highlights and favorites. Tell me yours down below, I’d love to hear!

1) Wearing less (if any) makeup: This summer I really couldn’t be bothered with makeup. In the picture above, I’m barely wearing any. Just my It! Cosmetics CC+ Cream and…

2) Glossier Cloud Paint and Boy Brow: These two products were life savers this summer. I have Cloud Paint in Dusk, which doubles as a great bronze/blush flush that looks super natural. Boy Brow to keep my eyebrows in check and that’s it. *shameless plug – you can shop 20% off your first order through my page here.

3) My newest niece: She’s pretty much a perfect specimen and I don’t understand how my three nieces are all so beautiful. If you want to know me IRL, this is me. We also got to take a trip out to Denver and see the whole crew, which was a blast.

4) Bodysuits: Whenever I went out this summer, I was most likely wearing a bodysuit and jeans. If we’re being honest, it took me awhile to hop on the bodysuit train because I thought going to the bathroom would be a pain, but it’s all good.

Also wearing this bodysuit in white in the first pic

5) Letting my theme go: I used to really stress about my Instagram theme. I wanted it to look “perfect,” but really I was making it boring and sterile. Now, I’m just posting what makes me happy and I think it looks a lot better as a result.

6) The lake: I love lake life. You smell like sunscreen, relax by the water, eat dinner late and play board games. Going to my friend’s lake house is so much fun and I’m so happy we got to go up this summer.

7) Stok Iced Coffee: At one point this summer, I went through 5 in 9 days. I went so far as to tweet Stok asking if you can buy direct (answer: you can’t).

8) Going to Iowa: Iowa always feels like home. Jacob and I took a great trip to Iowa over Father’s Day and it was wonderful to relax, see his family and take a break for a nice long weekend.

9) The Box of Style: I’ve been lusting over my boss’ Box of Style subscription for awhile now so I finally pulled the trigger and signed up. You can receive $10 off your first box here to join in on the fun for fall. For $99/box, or $350 for the year, you get over $400 worth of product per box. This is not a little cheap box – you get some seriously awesome stuff. The summer box had a hat, kimono, necklace, two beauty products and sunglasses.

10) Chopping my hair: This was the first time I styled my short hair since chopping it all of and it felt so nice. I’m in that awkward flippy stage right now where it won’t stay straight because it’s hitting your shoulders, so we’ll see if fall brings another chop or I let it go.

If you want to see more pics of this handsome fella and me, click here.

Here’s to you, Summer 2017. Bring on fall.


In my mind, the year can be broken up into two season: fall and everything else. I love everything about fall – the excitement of back to school (even though I’m not in school I still get a new planner), the smell of cinnamon candles, warm comfort foods and of course, festive drinks.

Today I whipped up a little fall-inspired apple cocktail to get you in the spirit because as far as I’m concerned, bathing suits are out and blanket scarves are in.

Servings: 1


  • 1.5 oz Martell Blue Swift, but you can use a bourbon if you like
  • 3 oz apple cider/juice – This is where your personal preference comes into play. If you want something a little more tarte, go with a honey crisp juice or cider. If you like something a little more sweet, go with a traditional cider.
  • 1/2 oz lemon
  • Cinnamon stick to garnish
  • Optional: honey simple syrup to sweeten (recipe here).

Directions: Combine ingredients in a shaker and fill with ice. Shake well until chilled and strain into an ice-filled glass. Garnish with a cinnamon stick or apple slice. Serve and enjoy!

While the Martial Blue Swift was kindly provided to me, this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own. I’m just that excited about fall. Enjoy responsibly.


Dabbling with designer makeup brands has become quite an eye-opening experience. I think there are 3 classes of makeup: drugstore, high end and designer. By designer I mean, $85 for a Christian Dior lipstick, because that’s a category all its own. When I first started trying and investigating Marc Jacobs Beauty, I was placing it in the high-end category, because his products seemed comparable in price point. However, if you really do some digging, you might want to bump it up to the designer category. Let’s chat the Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Eyeshadow Palette in Glambition.

This palette comes with 7 gorgeous shades and includes 3 mattes, 3 shimmers and 1 glitter.

Price: Much like when I looked at the price/product amount of the Marc Jacobs Coconut Gel Highlighter, I found that the amount of product you’re getting is definitely less than other popular brands, meaning it’s actually more expensive than it seems. To compare…

Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic Eyeshadow Palette = 5.95 grams for $49

Urban Decay Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette = 15.6 grams for $54

You’re getting 1/3 the amount of product for pretty much the same price. So, is it worth it?

Quality: The swatches on the left are one swipe without primer. On the right I blended them out with an eyeshadow brush after a few minutes. You can see that they really don’t want to budge and have great staying power. The only two shades that I was slightly disappointed with are Over the Top and Glamour. Over the Top swatches a little streaky and doesn’t blend quite as easily as the other colors, but it’s still very workable. Glamour swatches beautifully but loses some of the pigmentation as you blend it out. This isn’t to say these colors are bad, they simply aren’t as impressive as the others.

Verdict: If you are an eyeshadow enthusiast, I think this palette is worth the money. I’ve pretty much worn this palette exclusively since I received it to test out from Influenster. I also appreciate how nice the packaging is, especially considering the price point.

I do not think this palette is a good pick for you if you go through makeup quickly because you’re getting1/3 the amount of product you might get with another brand. I also don’t think this is a good pick for you if you just want a good basics palette. If you want something that gets the job done without breaking the bank, my two favorites are this Neutrogena quad or this matte e.l.f. palette.

I hope this was helpful if you’ve been curious about the launch of the new Eye-Conic palettes. There are 6 total palettes so if you’re interested, there’s probably a color palette for you!


After a lot of trial and error, I have finally figured out my perfect skincare routine to help clear blackheads. I really love skincare and have quite a lot, but I notice a definite difference in my skin if I’m not regularly using the following products. If you suffer from blackheads, I don’t think you should run out and get this whole regime because that’s unrealistic and expensive. If a product sounds intriguing though, give that a try. Be patient and you’ll figure out your perfect blackhead-clearing cocktail too.

Skinfix Foaming Clay Cleanser: Skinfix recently sent me this cleanser to try and I couldn’t be more thankful. This cleanser is a gentler version of the Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash. It has a great lather and makes your skin feel super clean without drying it out. If you’re more oily though, the Origins might be a good option.

Pixi Glow Tonic: I used to think Glow Tonic was overhyped. Wrong. It’s worth all the hype. Whenever I use this, I’m shocked at just how much dirt and oil is still left on my skin after a face wipe and double cleansing. Since this is strong, I’d start with every other day, then work your way up.

Kate Somerville Anti Bac Lotion: I love this lotion so much I could cry. For the last two years or so, I’ve had the worst clogged pores around my chin and nothing would seem to help. They weren’t quite blackheads, but they were causing a lot of uneven texture. Finally, I picked this up on the recommendation of Tiffany D. Within two weeks, the clogged pores on my chin were clear and the blackheads on my nose had diminished.  I only use the slightest bit on my chin and nose so it should last awhile. If your skin reacts well to Benzoyl Peroxide, you’ll love this lotion.

e.l.f. Nourishing Night Cream: For a long time now I’ve been using various No7 night creams, which I love, but wanted to change it up. While the price tag may be small in the world of skincare, this night cream still hydrates and nourishes your skin for nighttime repair. I think I might need something thicker come winter but right now, it’s perfect.

Philosophy Microdelivery Detoxifying Oxygen Peel: Let’s start with the price – yes $62 for a mask is steep. However, professional facials can run you upwards of $100, and I can honestly say this two-step mask gives you visible results. Read the directions carefully so you layer the products correctly. This mask opens your pores and pulls all of the gross stuff out. You might experience a breakout the next day since this mask will bring everything to the surface. For me, this is totally worth it because it helps deep clean so my Glow Tonic and Anti Bac can really work their magic on the top.

I hope that maybe one of these products sounds like it might work for you if you suffer from pesky blackheads. Sound off down below if you have any lingering questions!