5 Things to Get Rid of In Your Life

I’ve been on a kick lately where I am getting rid of a ton of stuff, reorganizing and generally de-clutteirng my life. Over the holidays I cleared out 4 boxes and three garbage bags full of stuff. Jacob recently got rid of two garbage bags of clothes. I just emptied out a whole storage bin full of random crap we don’t use. If it’s not nailed down, it’s in jeopardy of being thrown away.

Here are 5 things I have physically and mentally gotten rid of in my life for a fresh start to spring:

People: Boy, bye! It’s time to de-friend, unfollow and even block if you have to. People think de-friending is malicious, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes you need to do it for your own happiness. If it makes you sad to see someone pop up in your feed, there’s not shame in unfollowing. Don’t worry if they’ll notice or what they’ll think if you do. Your mental health is priority number one.


Back-of-the-pantry food: If you have a deep pantry or a high up pantry like me, chances are there’s a random cake mix or bread mix in the back. Put all of the random food on your counter in plain sight. If you don’t cook it within a week, bring it to your local food pantry.


Books: This is a very personal choice, but here’s my recommendation – unless a book has sentimental value or you know you’ll reread it, put it in the giveaway pile. Sell the books to a second-hand store or donate them to a local school or shelter. I love books, I have my degree in English, but it feels so much better holding on to books that really matter to me, rather than just every book that I’ve read or bought for school in the past.



Bras: I may or may not have recently set fire to one of my bras in my kitchen sink after too many glasses of wine. It was uncomfortable and I had really just had enough. Ladies, now is the time to get rid of your old bras. Get rid of that bra with the wire creeping out, get rid of that bra where the straps always slip, get rid of the bra where the cups gap. You deserve better. Same goes for underwear. I know it’s exhausting to hunt for the perfect bra, so here are two I found that I actually enjoy wearing:



ANYTHING where you look at it and say, “just in case…”

  • “I should keep this DVD just in case I babysit my niece.” If you think a child is going to let you pick the movie, you are already wrong. Also, DVDs are dying.
  • “I need this blue eyeliner just in case I get invited to an 80s party.” No, you really don’t. Put it down and no one gets hurt.
  • “I might need this red bandana for Halloween this year.” You have months to decide on a costume. Congratulations on your new dust rag.


A “just in case” mentality will have you collecting unnecessary clutter. If something really does come up, go buy it, but chances are if you’ve gone this long without using it, you won’t have to repurchase.


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