New Year’s Eve 2017 Outfit Ideas

This is a little nuts, but there are less than two full weeks of 2017 left! What’s even scarier is that I don’t have all of my Christmas shopping done. Normally I’m more prepared, but it’s been a crazy month. I’ll recap next week in my 2017 Review next week.

For now, let’s talk New Year’s Eve fashion! Believe it or not, this year will be my first time going out for NYE! In college, I was at a bowl game for marching band my sophomore, junior and senior years, so no going out for me. Last year was actually the first year Jacob and I spent together for NYE and we played it so low-key that I think I fell asleep before midnight.

This year we are actually going out for NYE and celebrating in style! I have an outfit in mind, but I’m not entirely sold yet. One underrated option I love for NYE is a jumpsuit.

NYE Jumpsuit Outfit Ideas | Bolt Blogs

Jumpsuits great because:

  1. Shorty can get low without her panties popping out
  2. You can carelessly cross your legs
  3. Shaving becomes optional
  4. Number 3 should be reason enough
  5. It’s cold out (for most of us)

These are all great options for…

  • Cocktail parties – just add statement jewelry
  • Work functions – throw on a blazer
  • Date night – you don’t need a reason to get fancy

No matter how you celebrate this NYE, remember to have fun and drink lot of bubbly, but most importantly, BE SAFE.

Google if your city has free/discounted ride options on NYE. Most major cities have free public transportation on NYE. If not, ask a parent or family member, pay your BFF’s younger sibling $50 to come scoop you up (which will be cheaper than a surcharge) or even look scheduling a car service depending on the size of your group. Whatever you do, be safe. *Mom rant over*


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