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2017 is absolutely flying by! Today’s post is especially for all of you fellow bloggers out there. I want to share some of my favorite blogging resources with you in the hopes that you find them helpful as well.

I also wanted to take a minute and celebrate a blogging milestone of mine! Earlier this year, I set some goals for myself to continue pushing and improving my content. One of those goals was to join RewardStyle. Not only did I join, but I also just hit my first personal sales goal. It’s small and it’s modest, but I’m so excited that others are enjoying some of my fashion and makeup favorites. I’m also lucky to have friends like Alexandra Lee Photo to snap gorgeous pictures like this one:

I’ve been blogging for 3.5 years now and I finally feel like I’m really getting the hang of things. The following resources are great for blogging inspiration, online networking and even making money. If you want to read similar posts, check the new Blogging Resources tab in the menu bar.

Style Collective: Style Collective is a blogging community you can join for $10/month. I love being in a community of awesome women who are all there to inspire and encourage. There are chat forums, endless resources and even ways to connect with brands. I’ve found it really helpful and definitely recommend.

Helene In Between: If you aren’t following Helene Sula, you are missing out. Helene’s Instagram serves up some major travel inspiration and her blog is full of a ton of helpful content for bloggers. She does webinars monthly-ish that are free and normally have a PDF worksheet. She does have a blogging program you can pay for, but her free content is awesome.

Bloguettes: I’m just going to start by saying how cool I think the Bloguettes are. They have a website full of free info on everything from SEO to building your brand and more. You can pay for their webinars ($10/webinar) and they also have a stock photo program.

Influenster: Influenster is a program anyone can join to receive free products for testing. You are not paid for your reviews, but you do get to try out great products, most of which are new launches. The link I have is a referral code, which helps me earn points. Influenster works on a points system so to speak. The more activities you do in a campaign, the more points you earn, increasing your chances of participating in future campaigns. When you fill out your profile, they will customize what campaigns are best for you.

Social Native: Social Native is another influencer program you can join. You are typically paid for these posts as they involve creating content for larger brands.

Glossier: While I was invited to join as a Glossier rep, there are a number of brands you can apply to to become an affiliate. Check the bottom of your favorite websites to see if there is an Affiliate/Work with Us tab (it’s normally next to a Careers tab). Then, apply! Be prepared to explain both why you love the brand and why your voice will help them online.

RewardStyle: I’m planning on doing a whole separate post on how I joined RewardStyle and tell you how many times I applied before I was accepted. Hint: persistence is key. If you’ve tried applying but haven’t been accepted, feel free to shoot me an email ( and I can submit a referral link for you.

Comment below or shoot me an email if you have any questions or want me to take a deeper dive into any of the things that I mentioned!







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