How-To Guide: Planning Blog & Instagram Content

Hello and Happy March! Today I am so excited to share a post that you will hopefully find very helpful. I’ve gotten questions before on how I plan out my content so I wanted to share 5 tips and tricks to make your life easier!

1) If you are the type of blogger who just writes when they feel like it, I commend you. I am not that type of a person. I like planning out my content at the beginning of every month. I work a full-time job and know many of you are in school, have a family or even a combo! If you’re a busy person, plan it out. I use my agenda to plan everything in my life. This is my second year with a planner from and absolutely love the medium size.

2) I start by taking a look at big days that are happening that month – holidays, silly “National” holidays (i.e. National Flower Day is the 21st), birthdays…things like that. I try and use this as a framework for my blog posts. For example, on the first day of each new season, I always do a seasonal wish list, so that’s one blog post right off the bat. Favorites are another one that I know I’ll do at the end of each month. Try and keep a balance between new and exciting content as well as some regular content your readers can look forward to.

3) I like to print out two blank calendars. Start by printing calendars with the correct days so you don’t have to rewrite them all like I did! I use one calendar for my blog content and the other for my Instagram content.

  • I start by filling in all of the blog posts I want to do that month
  • Next, I’ll fill in the Instagram calendar with photo ideas that correspond with the blog posts I’m planning. I like to post 2 photos/blog post so I can promote the post across multiple days in case people don’t see it the first time.

You can see that once this is done, I have 15/31 days covered for Instagram pictures. The rest I’ll either come up with the day of, or it gives me some leeway if new things pop up and I have to do some shuffling.

4) Once I have my Instagram pictures planned, I like to write out their captions. I try to do this at the beginning of each week or when I’m on the couch watching TV. I normally am posting my Instagram pictures quickly while I’m at work so I obviously don’t want to be spending a lot of time writing a caption as I’m posting. About a month ago I had 15+ photos in my Instagram drafts with captions, tags and locations done when they were DELETED (no idea how)! I was really mad, so now I’ve gone back to how I did it before there were drafts and I write them out in my notes app.

5. Don’t forget to plan your hashtags! At the top of this screenshot, you can see a list of hashtags I commonly use. I keep them written out because I like to do anything I can to make my life easier! If you’re posting a picture of your food for example, obviously make sure you’re using the appropriate hashtags for that too to get as much visibility as possible.

That’s it! I hope that some of you found this helpful for all of your planning purposes! Please let me know if you have any questions down below or leave a comment on any of my social media, links are in the sidebar.



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