Hair Straightening Brush Review

Time to talk hair! Last week I was talking about cleaning hair and now I’m going to talk about styling it! Irresistible Me was kind enough to reach out and offer me the chance to try their Jade Hair Straightening Brush.


The brush retails for $69. This morning I put together a little Insta Story going through doing my hair and now I’ve collected my final thoughts:


  • The brush feels very well made. It doesn’t feel fake or “plasticy.” It feels very sturdy, but isn’t too heavy
  • Low risk of burning your hand or ear
  • Heats up quickly with different settings
  • Less long-term heat damage



  • Doesn’t provide the same smoothing finish that a straightener does
  • Takes a longer amount of time
  • Another added tool in your bathroom cabinet


If you’re catching this blog post pretty quickly, you can check out my Instagram to see it live and in action (@boltblogs).


Overall, if you already have a straightener, I don’t think you need this. If you have curly hair, this is not the tool for you. I will probably favor my straightener over this brush but it might come in handy sometimes.



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