DermOrganic Color Care Review

Today I am bringing you a very timely review on some haircare products from DermOrganic. I recently got my hair colored, so I was very excited to try out the Color Care line I was kindly sent. If you know me at all, you’ll know that I hate, I mean hate, washing my hair. If you want a big throwback blog post, you can check read this post HERE talking about how infrequently I wash my hair and why.

Each of the Color Care products are $18 each and can be purchased at Ulta. You can click HERE to shop the line. Price wise, I think this is very reasonable, especially considering you are getting a product that is 70% organic, vegan, sulfate-free and gluten-free.


I’ve tried a few organic shampoos now since my first one in 2014 and this one is my favorite, with the exception of the smell. It smells like a medicine you take as a kid, but luckily it doesn’t linger once your hair is dry.

The shampoo really does a nice job of getting your hair clean, but it doesn’t feel like your normal shampoo. It doesn’t get as sudsy as a typical shampoo, which can make you feel like your hair isn’t getting clean. I think the biggest hurdle you have to get over with organic shampoos is mental – because your hair doesn’t get stripped of all of the oil, you feel like your hair is still dirty, but it’s not. Remember, you want some oil in your hair so it doesn’t dry out. The conditioner leaves your hair nice and soft, but I think I’d still need to mask once a week.

Overall, this is a very nice organic line. I think I will be using it most by mixing half of this shampoo and half purple shampoo that I recently purchased for my new color. I’m trying to keep my color nice and cool, so I bought a purple shampoo that’s so concentrated it’s almost black. It was a pricey product, so I think I’m going to mix just half and half every few washes with this Color Care line to keep my hair from drying out, while still preserving the color.



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